Ask The Right Questions, Get The Right Answers

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Learn from an expert what questions to ask to get the right answers and change the trajectory of your healing process.

Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, it’s Robby Besner, and welcome back to another episode of The Healthy Hotline. Today, We have Gregg Gonzales. He lives in Colorado. That’s why he’s so mellow, so give him a break today. He is a super, super guy with a great skillset. He’s been around the block a few times. What I love about him is he looks at the world through rose-colored glasses, in a sense. He asks the right questions. And for all you guys out there, you may know this, and it’s part of the reason why what I’ve heard is 8 out of 10 diagnoses are wrong. Now, you Lymeys know this because Lyme disease mimics many different kinds of diseases, so it’s easy to misdiagnose Lyme because it could mimic MS or Parkinson’s and so forth, right? Now, if the doctor doesn’t ask the right questions, how do you expect to get the right diagnosis? That’s all part of it. 

And Gregg Gonzales is an expert at asking the right questions, so he’s here today to give you guys some inspiration, to talk about how important mindfulness is. So Gregg, I read through your bio, it’s pretty cool, but why don’t we just give you the mic for a minute and give everybody out there a little backdrop on on who you are, how you got into the mindfulness game, so to speak, and then let’s walk in what will unpack what you feel are some super helpful tips for the Lymeys that are out there today that are watching this profile on you. And we’ll take it from there. So Gregg, tell us a little bit about yourself.

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