Experiencing Joy and the Road to Healing

Rave Mehta


  • Based on real life experiene
  • Experience of joy as healing experience, How he got into healing
  • Hope opened up/triggered to healing
Eric Gordon, M.D.

Welcome to another edition of “Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness.” Today is gonna be a real treat. We’re gonna talk about, I think there are many paths towards healing, and especially when you’ve had chronic illness, you can often get lost in thinking that it’s gonna have to be through just physical modalities. And today it’s really a pleasure to be speaking with Rave Mehta, a gentleman who has been, start off engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, author, and musician. But what brings him to us today is that he has had the experience of having to go through chronic illness and help, and his experience there I find very intriguing because it has led him to, I think, a very creative and exciting way that we can all begin to pursue our own health. So, Rave, will you just give us a little background on who you are and what happened to you? How did you get forced to enter this wonderful journey of healing?

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