Role of Peptides in Immune Dysregulation

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  •  The difference between a weak immune system and a dysregulated immune system
  •  How and when to bring peptides on board
  •  How peptide treatment can open the door to healing for those that have been sick for a very long time
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi, everybody, it’s Dr. Matt Cook at the tail end of the Peptide Summit, but this is probably gonna be one of my favorite interviews and I was super looking forward to it. And I wanna introduce you all to a super wonderful person and a very amazing doctor. And I think one of the top doctors that when I have questions, this is somebody who I reach out to and ask questions to because I regard her as somebody with great clinical experience in terms of taking care of a lot of patients, with very significant complex on this, we have a similar practice and we think similarly, so, I always love to talk to people who are doing the same type of stuff that I do, hear what they’re doing, learn from them and share what we’re up to. And there’s nobody that I like to do that more so with than Dr. Nafysa Parpia. So here you are, and welcome, and I look forward to talking with you today.


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Role of Peptides in Immune Dysregulation

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