The Science of Energy Medicine

Cheng-Huai Ruan, MD


  • How energy medicine relates to conventional understanding of medicine.
  • Why energy medicine works.
  • How energy medicine may be the missing link to chronic illnesses.
Tom McCarthy

I am so excited about the person you’re gonna get to hear from right now. I’ve only known him about a year, I actually met him last year in March at a conference that he had flown in to speak at and I was there too and I had heard a little bit about him, because he’s got lots of fans that are people that I know that are friends, but I was blown away when I saw him get up to speak, because not only was he a conventional doctor, an MD and specializing in internal medicine, what he had done is he had also learned functional medicine and created a huge clinic in Houston and was helping a lot of people that were friends of mine, they were going to him and literally like amazing things were happening in their life. But, I got a chance to experience that, I got a chance to see him speak, see him talk. 

He also, our guests Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD, was just voted and I just found this out, was just voted the top internal medicine doctor in all of Houston and it’s interesting because, it was voted on by other doctors, conventional doctors, which, you know you have to be really amazing Cheng to get them to vote for you in light of the way that you practice medicine, which is Western, but also integrating some Eastern practices, which we’re gonna talk about today, energy medicine and functional medicine, so I’m so excited to have you here. He also has become, by the way, my go-to MD. I love the fact that he’s got education in traditional Western medicine, so I know that he’s a scientist, he’s gone down that road, but the real reason I call him is because he’s got an open mind and so if I’ve got a question on a supplement, or if I’ve got a question for a family member of mine, or anything happening for me health wise, this is my go-to doctor, so I’m really excited to introduce him to you and so Cheng, welcome to the Global Energy Healing Summit, thank you so much for being with us.

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