Secure Your Best Health: The Role Of The Oral Microbiome

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David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Welcome to the Fasting and Longevity Summit. I’m your host, Dr. David Jockers, and today I am bringing on Danny Grannick. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Bristle Health, a company redefining oral health and care through the oral microbiome. You can check out his website at We’re going to talk all about the oral microbiome, what’s happening in your mouth, and how that’s different and also has similarities. There are similarities and differences with the gut microbiome. Many people don’t realize this, but oral diseases like cavities and gum disease are the most prevalent conditions on the planet, and they’re largely preventable. They’re also linked with chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. So it’s very important to understand what’s happening in our mouth and what bacterial balance and fungi are in there. Because if we have the wrong balance, that can drive up inflammation in our body and increase our risk of chronic disease. So if we want to live a long time, we’ve got to take good care of our oral health. In 2021, Bristle Health launched the oral health test, the world’s first and only at-home oral microbiome test, to provide detailed information about the microbes, different fungi, and bacteria in our mouth that are associated with a variety of oral health conditions.

Based on the results, Bristle develops a tailored three-month treatment program that includes a personalized diet, oral care products, and hygiene recommendations to rebalance the oral microbiome. Danny earned his bachelor’s in biochemistry at the University of San Diego before moving into a commercial career in genomics. During that time, he worked with companies and researchers, leveraging sequencing technologies in areas like oncology, NIPT, and the gut microbiome. Danny started Bristle after realizing that the same technology could be applied in the dental space to shift today’s reactive standard of care towards something personalized and preventative. We need to understand what’s happening in our mouths. We want to have a healthy oral microbiome so we can keep inflammation under control and live a long, healthy life. So, without further ado, let’s go into the interview. Well, Danny, great to connect with you here. I’m excited about what you’re doing with Bristle Health. As a natural health practitioner, I always talk about oral health. It’s a big factor in all chronic diseases. So if somebody has poor oral health, we know that their risk for chronic inflammatory conditions goes up. So it’s something we’ve got to address. But the actual measurement of it is not something that we’ve had access to until you guys develop this and are so excited about what you’re doing and share more about the importance of the oral microbiome for our audience here.

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