Stacking PEMFs For Maximum Results

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Mike Watson is an engineer who suffered multiple injuries from his occupation and extreme sports. A trial of PEMF with a maximum intensity with a local applicator of about 100 Gauss improved his symptoms dramatically. From there he purchased his own PEMF. Because of multiple areas needing treatment he purchased and used multiple devices at the same time multiple times/day over weeks with much better results. He also reduced a heart blood vessel plaque from 50% to 20% using these devices over his heart. Because of the lower intensity of this PEMF device he needed to do more extended treatment sessions. He also uses a higher intensity Tesla Fit system for joint aches and pains. He uses the devices personally and in a health spa setting.

William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Welcome today to this segment of the PEMF Summit. And on today, I have with me an interesting individual, who didn’t come to magnetic therapy in the usual way. And I’m not gonna introduce him, I’m gonna let Mike Watson introduce himself. And I have him here, because I think he has a very interesting story, and a lot of interesting experiences using PEMFs. And he uses PEMFs in ways that I wouldn’t use, not necessarily I shouldn’t use, or I couldn’t use, but I think he’s doing it in a way that’s also his results speak for themselves. So I’ll let Mike do the talking.

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