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Stepping into Your Fasting Healing Journey

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  • Understand the incredible power of fasting and Keto variations to not just drop weight but also achieve better mental clarity. Learn how to balance hormones and navigate through menopause using Keto
  • Discover the vital role of your microbiome in weight loss, detoxification, and influencing cravings. Uncover how you can enhance your health by understanding and working on this complex system
  • Recognize the importance of detoxification, especially in today’s highly toxic environment. Learn how to break through health plateaus and optimize your body’s natural healing capacity through effective detoxing techniques
Mindy Pelz, DC

Okay. Dr. Mindy here. Hopefully, you’ll find there is so much information here. And let me kind of categorize it for you and sort of give you an idea of how to use all this information. So, first off, I love the fast. I love the science behind fasting. I like to know every hour what’s going on with your body. I’m also a huge fan of Keto Variations. I actually call it more of like feast-famine cycling. I want to teach you how to use keto, to drop weight, to get better mental clarity. Women that are going through menopause or women that are trying to balance their hormones and still use keto and still get the incredible benefits. But when do you step out of keto? When do you need to be doing something different in order to build your hormones up here? I’m also a huge fan of the microbiome, so we’re like 100 bacteria to one human cell and so many of these bacteria are driving our cravings in our mouth, either allowing us to lose weight or not lose weight. They allow us to detox. 

So I like to bring you the science on your microbiome. Last but not least, I love to detox, and here’s why, it’s actually sort of a negative or positive spin on a negative. And that’s, that we live in the most toxic time in human history. The world is not getting any less toxic. And we see so many people that try fasting, they try the keto variations, they work on repairing their microbiome and they come up against a wall and then they’ve going to have to dive into detoxing. You were born in a self-healing miracle. You were meant to thrive. You were meant to have energy all day. You were meant to sleep well. You were meant to have great mental clarity. You were meant to drop weight. And if that is not happening, it’s not that your body is malfunctioning. It’s that something is interfering with this intelligence.

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