Stories of Healing With Magnetic Devices

Stacey Ravid Ph.D. RN, MSN, CNS


  • The doctor conducted a descriptive, exploratory study and interviewed individuals because I wanted to hear their stories and their experiences using the Micro-Pulse PEMF device. Finding pain relief just revolutionized their life at that point. When they found pain relief, they were so excited and so happy and so relieved. One person, after he had one week pain-free, he stopped all alcohol and narcotics. Many stopped medications and narcotics. Pain was of many types: back, musculoskeletal, hip and coccyx pain; Alzheimer’s, carpal tunnel, pre-surgery/post-surgery recovery, sleep issues, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, foot and ankle pain, multiple sclerosis, and complex regional pain syndrome. Alzheimer’s couldn’t read anymore and having emotional outbursts. After one week able to read again and calmed down. The number one thing she learned is that pain can be healed with an alternative modality like micro-pulse.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, this is Dr. Pawluk. This segment of the summit is about a very special issue that I think is very helpful to people to have information about. And that is, help magnetic field therapy actually works for individuals. And I have with me the celebrated Dr. Ravid. Now, Dr. Stacey Ravid wrote a PhD thesis. And when I read the thesis, I said I have to have her on this program. The thesis is a dissertation on the descriptive exploratory study of individuals who have used MicroPulse, a PEMF system, a portable battery-operated, PEMF system. Just so that you have a visual, this is what it looks like. Portable battery-operated, and it uses two little coils. This is what the people that Dr. Ravid is gonna talk about, who are using this particular device. So what I wanna do then is to have Dr. Ravid tell us about herself, her journey, and how she came to do this particular study.

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