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80% Success is Mindset: Build A Thriving Practice

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Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

One of the dragon on the online summit and as funny as that may sound, Dragan Trajkovski a fantastic speaker, as part of the Tony Robbins team and one of five senior speakers for Tony Robbins. So, what he does his corporate training at the absolute highest level of scaling and execution. And when we were talking, what we really wanted to feature on this summit was the fact that 80% of businesses is truly psychology. The mindset behind scaling and execution and success, while being fulfilled doing it and not being burnt out, there’s a formula that’s to it. And I want Dragan to really tell doctors what exactly is the formula when it comes to mindset because, in reality, as we’re trying to grow and contribute to the world, sometimes we come to a standstill because of the burnout and the stress that’s associated with it. 

But sometimes, we change our external circumstances that are around us, but doesn’t really change our internal engines. So, we end up stacking burnout, called burnout stacking. And Dragan’s really gonna discover why that really is and what do you do about it? From a perspective of leaders who’ve already done this before, what are their main driving engines to create something that’s scalable and executable that is able to create even more fulfillment within your lives and that’s what he’s here to talk about. So usually, this is sort of done on interview type of deal, but I’m actually just gonna shut up and have Dragan start talking. And so, for you to really… I really challenge you to engage and to do the things that he says on the video and just be fully immersed. Turn off notifications, turn off your cell phone, turn off the notifications on your computer and just take a deep dive into what Dragan has to say. Here’s Dragan, thank you.


Dragan Trajkovski

Wow, wow, wow, thank you so much. It’s a complete honor, I’m humbled. It’s such a pleasure to be able to partner up with Dr. Ruan, he allowed me to call him Cheng, to represent Tony Robbins, our organization, but really to put your trust and faith into Cheng and this short powerful session that can completely change the quality of your business and your life. And it’s not because I’m so smart, it’s because the ability that I have to be able to learn from this man named Tony Robbins, who’s been able to impact me, thousands and thousands and millions and millions of people from doctors to literally the most successful people on the planet from a small town boy from Merrillville, Indiana. 

Yes, Merrillville, Indiana, who goes by Dragon Slayer because when Tony Robbins calls you Dragon Slayer, you own it, but it’s Dragan. And today, I’m gonna go by Dr. Agan, right? D-R-A-G-A-N because the moments we have, they’re gonna pass by and we’re aging every single moment. So, I truly ask you to take a step back, pause. Turn off any distractions, really focus in, come in, take down some notes today. Shout back some answers, right? Pretend like we’re live here together in person, you’re with me, I’m across from you, and let’s have some fun, but let’s really create some shifts, some shifts in our business and our lives so we can help each other close the gap and where we’re at in today’s world, in today’s economy, with the ability that you have to impact people’s lives every single day, it’s truly an honor, privilege and pleasure, but I’m gonna ask that we take this like it’s a completely different session, like it’s one of the most important enlightening sessions that could completely change your life. 

If you can’t tell I’m extremely passionate about this stuff, because Tony’s made a huge impact in my life, you obviously can see that, how it’s impacted Cheng through the case study or through what he’s been able to go through, our programs, our processes. I really ask you to take this as serious as you can because at the end of the day, you have one of the greatest responsibilities and with great responsibility comes great power. And I really don’t know why you’re here today, but when you have the number one success coach on the planet teaching and impacting people like Warren Buffet or Steve Wynn or Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey or Dr. Oz, maybe heard of that guy who came and facilitated and helped present on Tony 60th birthday. 

I mean, Tony’s literally been able to impact the most successful people on the planet, right? But why? And why do we talk about success? Because success is different for every single one of us. And who’s to say that success for you is right for success what it looks like for another doctor or a practitioner? Because the reality of it is success is different for all of us. But my question to you is when was the last time you really defined what success looks like for you? And what I find personally, in doing all this work with all these amazing companies and organizations and individuals, high achievers, individuals who have a lot of pressure or responsibility on their plate like yourself, is most people do not have a clear definition of what success looks like. 

Maybe have a general idea, maybe you know exactly what it looks like, but here’s what I can also tell you, success will continue to change as we grow, as we evolve, as we go through different stages and different seasons of our lives or our business. We’ve all had experienced a complete shift and change over the last period of time that we had COVID and we all had to really test ourselves or maybe we’re being tested on how do we either react or how to respond. And that showed a lot and exposed a lot of gaps in people’s businesses. But success for you, maybe you’re just on here to get some continuing education credit and that’s fine. Maybe you’re just starting off in your practice and maybe you’re building your clients or your patients, or maybe you’ve been in the business for some time and you really are starting your family. 

Maybe you’re single, maybe you’re married, you have kids. I don’t know where you’re at, but what I can tell you is there’s principles to success no matter what success looks like for you. And I’d be so naive to say that I’m so successful because I’m not. The reason why I’m successful is because I’ve been able to take some of these principles from the number one success culture planet. What I’m gonna share with you right now on how you can obtain, create that level of success, no matter what it looks like. But we also know that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. 

And I really want you to think about that for a moment because what’s the point of building a beautiful practice, impacting patients, changing people’s lives, helping other people become better, but if you’re unfulfilled, what’s the point? If you’re stressed out, if you’re burnt out, if you’re feeling this imposter syndrome and you’re impacting people, but you can’t impact yourself, what’s the point? Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. Today’s about helping you identify, expose that gap and also close that gap, so you can have success and fulfillment to live an extraordinary quiet life on your terms, why? Because this is your life and you could be the manager of all the circumstances that are floating all around you at all moments in times of the day or you can be a leader. You can create your life. You look at an individual like Cheng and what he’s been able to do in his business and life, having a brand new child, building a business, literally putting together some amazing education because he knows what’s possible. 

And most of us live in this realm of limitation because we don’t know what’s possible because the external world does not provide us the tools, the resources. At times, we have to go out there and search. We have to go out there and build our businesses, build our lives, but the reality of it is this, you’re on one of the most important sessions that could completely change your lives and have an extraordinary quiet life on your terms. And it starts by defining what success looks like for you so we can close that gap because once we get closer and I already know you have a certain level of success and maybe it’s in your business, maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s your relationship, but I know that you want more.

 And if you want more, if you wanna separate yourself from those people or those business owners or maybe those operators who are pretending like they’re business owners, they’re just in that grind day to day, then it’s time for you to make some new decisions. And one of those decisions I’m gonna ask you right now here today is to really make a decision to play full out, to change some of the things that need to change. But that also requires work. And I will tell you this, that the training never ends. The training never ends. This is not coming from me, this is coming from Tony Robins. The training never ends. My friends, the training never what? That’s right, the training never ends. 

It’s a part of the reason why you need to get that continuing education. It’s part of the reason why people who are successful in business, they didn’t just get lucky, they’re consistently moving forward. They’re taking control of what they can control. And in order for you to take control of what you can control, it starts by understanding what’s determining our success every single day in every area of life, it’s one word, it’s not coming from me, it’s coming from Tony Robbins, write this down. Whatever you have to do, ingrain in your head, write it on your bathroom, your tattoo on your arm, but that word is called your patterns. 

Your patterns are what? Your patterns are your behaviors, they’re your rituals, they’re your routines, they’re your processes, they’re your systems in your business. They’re your standards, what you tolerate, what you don’t tolerate. I know for a fact that many business owners tolerate just being in a business, allowing the stress, the pain, the challenge, all of the external world dictate their internal world or you can set a new standard. You can say, instead of having to work so hard, I can work smart. Part of the reason why you’re on here today is because you understand that you don’t have to just work hard. Yes, you can work hard, but you can work smarter. But what’s really determining your success in your business, what’s really determined your success or your failure in your life or in any area are not the habits and patterns that you’re aware of. They’re actually the habits and patterns you’re unaware of. And these, my friends, are called your unconscious patterns. It’s that autopilot. 

And I know that you know what I’m talking about because we’ve all been behind the wheel of our car, driving to the office, driving to the grocery store, driving back home, wherever you’re driving and you’re like, how did I arrive? Or when two hours turns into four hours and four hours turns to eight hours, eight hours turns to the whole day, you’ve been at the office, you’ve been dealing with patients, you’ve been in the practice and you’re like, “Where did the time go?: And team, friends, you beautiful individuals, this is very, very scary. If you don’t know, because if you don’t know that you don’t know, you don’t know that you don’t know and that’s called unconscious incompetence. And it sounds much worse than what is, it just means you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you or I are committed to building and growing in the most important areas of our lives, taking back control of our emotions, of our business, of our lives, then we have to become aware because most people are running on this unconscious autopilot and that’s scary. 

But I know you’re here today because you’re committed to growing your business, your practice, and living a fulfilled life. Let me give you a quick example. I got this beautiful little girl. Her name is Estella and she’s my goddaughter. She’s the cutest thing ever. And whenever I think about her and whenever I see her, she gets me emotional because Estella is just starting to walk. And Little Estella, when she’s walking and she trips over her own shoelace, what happens is we know that she knows how to walk, she just tripped over and fell over her own shoelace. And she’s gonna keep on tripping and falling over her own shoelace until one day, she has the cognitive recognition to know that the reason why she’s tripping and falling over is because she tripped and fell over her own shoelace. And in that moment, Little Estella becomes consciously incompetent. She does not have the skillset to tie her own shoe. And I’m using the shoelace as a metaphor because maybe you’re feeling some resentment. 

Maybe you’re feeling burnt out. Maybe you’re feeling some stress or some fear or some challenge and you don’t realize that you’re only tripping over a shoelace. Well, once you could identify that you’re tripping over that shoelace, all we need to do is tie it. Have someone tie it for you or you can continue to tie it until you get so proficient, until you develop that skillset of tying your own shoe that you don’t have to think about it. You become consciously competent until you do it so often, so much, you become unconsciously competent. 

You could do it and have a conversation. You could do it and chewing some gum. And that’s the place that we wanna get to, to understand the real power that we have with inside of us, to unlock and unleash that power, to close that gap, to understand there’s proven principles, there’s processes to literally optimax our practices, to go out there and to uncover the value chain and really understand this business is a game. It’s a spiritual game. It’s a game that gives us the opportunity to grow. And when other business owners are practitioners, they don’t wanna put in the work because they’re afraid or they don’t know or they’re unconscious. 

Then it gives us the opportunity to really impact others. It really gives us the opportunity to impact our practice, our clients, but it requires you to make a decision, to make some of those changes. Some of the patterns and autopilots have been running for some time and I’m gonna quickly give you four steps really, really quickly in order for you to change those habits or patterns. But knowing is not enough, you gotta be able to know and do, right? First step is called awareness. And part of the reason why Cheng has been able to impact and grow his business is because he got around the number one success culture planet, to understand that he didn’t know everything that he didn’t know. And I don’t know if y’all saw those lights, but that was like lights from the heavens. 

That was from lights from whatever you believe, God, the universe. And I’m not here to tell you who or what to believe in, but with that awareness comes what? The ability to recognize the patterns that are taking place, so we can do what? Make better decisions or choices. That’s the second step. And how often are we making decisions and choices? Every single moment as we’re aging because time does not stop. And all we have that’s guaranteed is this next moment. So, what if we could make better decisions and choices about everything that’s taking place? So, we can go to the third step and the third step is to change. Change that habit, change that thought, change that feeling, change that belief, whatever it is. But we also know that change is not always fun, it’s not always simple, it’s not always easy. Growing a practice, growing a family, developing and taking care of yourself, growing throughout this process, it’s not easy, but we also know that change is required. And if you don’t choose change, change will happen. We all experienced what had take place through this pandemic, through COVID, and some adapted to the change. You look at Cheng’s story and what happened. 

He made the decision. If it wasn’t for BRT, if it wasn’t for Business Mastery, if it wasn’t for getting plugged in and changing his psychology to help someone or to be helped by someone who’s aware that he wasn’t tripping over… That he was tripping over his own shoelace, but he couldn’t tie his shoe because he didn’t know why he was tripping until he made the decision, he made a choice to make a change. And I’m asking you right now to make some changes, not because I want you to make a change that you need to change, but if you want a quality life, if you wanna close that gap, if you’re committed to living that extraordinary quality life where you can have success on your terms, when you can have success and fulfillment, it requires change. And if you don’t choose change, you’re choosing to stay the same. And if you’re choosing to stay the same, then you can’t blame if you’re feeling stressed out, if you’re feeling burnt out when there’s a solution. There’s literally a prescription that will give you the solution. 

And in order for you to make that change, the last step, the fourth step is a change your place. And in order for you to unlock and unleash all the power you have with inside of you to really close that gap, team, you have to do something different. If you’re gonna change and replace it, you don’t wanna just change and replace with anything or anyone, you wanna change and replace that behavior, that thought, that psychology with the best, with the best on the planet, with the best resource, the best on the planet, because Tony Robins is not a motivational speaker, he’s a life and business strategist. It’s not about getting people to jump up and down and get excited and pumped up and ra-ra and high-fives. 

No, there’s practicality. There’s proven principles why this stuff works. So, if you’re a committed to going a little bit further down the road, if you’re committed to really exposing what needs to expose so we can make those changes, we have solutions for you. And I’m gonna give you three pillars right now that when you apply these in your business and your life in any area, I can guarantee you extraordinary quality results, extraordinary results, no matter what they are. Once again, it’s not because Tony Robbins is so brilliant. Yes, he’s brilliant. He owns 105 different Companies. Yes, 105 different companies. And I know there’s individuals who get stressed out by managing one. And I’m not to say that he’s much greater or so much smarter, there’s principles. When you follow the principles, when you follow the processes, I can guarantee you in any area of life, you can make massive, massive progress because progress is happiness. 

And the reality is most people are not progressing because they’re stuck in their own story. They’re stuck in those old patterns. And if you’re not aware of the patterns that you’re stuck in, how do we make those decisions to raise the standard? You already made a decision to be here. You already made the decision to be part of this session. Now, it’s time to make some better decisions because it’s not about thinking positive, it’s the decisions and the actions you take to move you further down the road and get you closer to what success looks like for you. To do the work is how businesses and life change. 

So, here are the three pillars. Are you all ready? Can you feel the excitement? I love this stuff because I know how impactful it is. The three pillars, there are mandates, which means they’re mandatory in all of Tony’s businesses. So, the first pillar, S, and the S stands for strategies. Listen, I don’t know why you got in the business. Maybe it was because you truly love the specific practice that you’re in. Maybe you love the opportunity to help individually, but you have to have a strategy, your game plan, your business plan. What are you doing on a day-to-day basis to follow through with your system, your value chain? Do you have a plan in place? Because we’ve all heard the saying, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. And just because you had a system or a strategy to get you to this point, doesn’t mean that that’s gonna lead, that’s the right strategy for the rest of your life. We know that we’ve had to change and pivot. 

We know that we have to continue to change and pivot because things are changing. If you’re not changing your strategies, you may get left behind. And here’s what I can tell you. I had a dream at 18 years old to go work for Tony Robbins. I didn’t know how, I didn’t have a strategy, but here’s what I can tell each and every single one of you, when your why is large enough, when you know why you want to do what you’re doing, when you know why you want to have a successful life on your terms, to be fulfilled, to be able to go back and tell your honey, your baby, your partner, your spouse, your loved one, that you love them and have that quality time where you’re not thinking about the business, but you’re present with them. 

When your why is large enough, even if the kids are literally on your leg, they’re holding you back, you don’t have the resource, you didn’t have the money, you don’t have the time. I know we’ve all experienced moments and times that when our why was large enough, we found the how, we found the strategy. There was no book on how to get a job working for Tony Robbins, my why was so large. You don’t have to look for the strategies, we have the strategies, we have the tools. We have a systematic process. 

We have brilliant individuals to help you shine, to help you in your genius, to make the impact that you’re here to make that impact and that impact is impacting your patients, your clients. Strategies are important, but they’re only 10% of success in any area of your life. The second pillar is A and it stands for actions. You have to take action. You know that there are so many different facets to your business, making sure that your staff is excited or are happy to support you. You know that you have to take care of your clients, your patients, you know that you have to continue to educate yourself on all that’s taking place. 

You know that you have to make sure that you’re following through with the procedures, the policies, making sure that you’re taking the action on the strategy because even if you know exactly what strategy to have, even if you have the right strategy, even if you know what you need to do to make sure your practice is running properly, if you’re not taking the right action at the right time, then all, even the strategy, is useless. There’s no point in having the best strategy on the planet if you’re not following through and not only falling through, but falling through in the right state, because remember, success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. 

If you’re burnt out, if you’re stressed out, if you’re not at your best when you’re taking the actions, you have people’s lives that you’re responsible for. It’s a great power, but the action you take and how you take those actions are just as important as the strategies. And we wanna show you how to take that action. We know how you need to take that action. You already know how to take that action, but the reality of it is this, those first two pillars that I just shared with you, the strategies and the actions, they’re extremely important. And this is just a general statement, but if you think about it, you can agree or disagree, but I believe you’ll agree. If anybody on this planet wanted to become a doctor, there’s a strategy, there’s actions, there’s a structure. If anybody wanna lose weight, if anybody wanna make more money, if anybody want a deeper relationship, there’s a strategy, there’s an action plan. 

There’s this thing called Google, YouTube, there’s books, there’s tapes, there’s resources. There’s this thing called college and continue your education. Listen, I don’t wanna make this so silly and insult your intelligence, but the reality of it is this, if you wanna do anything, there’s a strategy and action plan on how to achieve just about anything. And that’s just the general statement, but would you all agree with that, right? Do you agree with that? Which is great because those first two pillars as extremely important as they are, and once again, Tony has sought out the best strategies, his whole life identifying the best of the best in business, in life, on understanding the most important areas of our lives and found the best strategies so we can extract them to utilize them, to come back and to share with you some of the strategies that we’re teaching right now, but this is just a fraction. 

How do we take six days of some of our process? How do we take five days through our Business Mastery? How do we take four days of our unlocking and unleashing all the power that we have inside of us? How do we take all that information and compress it in a short period of time? You can’t. That’s why this third pillar is the most important one because we have the strategy, we have the action plan, you have to make the decision, but the M is your unfair competitive advantage. The M stands for your mental and emotional state. Write that down, your mental and emotional state. And just so we have one word, we’re gonna call it state, right? It’s your state, it’s the mental and emotional state that you’re in. 

It’s the ability to have certainty. It’s the ability to have confidence within yourself. When your patients are looking at you, when they’re asking you for your advice, your expertise, you provide it with certainty because you are the expert. But it’s not just having that level of certainty in telling people and sharing them with the proper prescription, right? Becoming aware, understanding what it is that this client or this patient needs, but it’s also making the right decisions and choices to give them what they may need, to provide them with a specific diagnosis and give them what they need to do to change and change or replace. 

But it’s to have the certainty in yourself, that no matter what’s going on in the market, no matter what’s going on in the extra room, no matter what’s going on outside in your practice, whether it’s clients, whether it’s your patients, whether it is your staff, it’s your ability to put yourself in the right mental and emotional state to overcome that doubt, that fear of imposter syndrome, to get rid of that resentment, to take that resentment and get resourceful with it. Your unfair competitive advantage as a business owner, as a leader, as a pillar in your community, is your ability to be in the right mental and emotional state. Team, this is your unfair competitive advantage. And the number one reason why business owners are out of business is because they lack the psychology. They lack the ability to have the mental and emotional resourcefulness. 

When they’re stressed out, when they’re challenged, when they have 15 plates spinning, their ability or inability to make the decision, to move forward, to get resourceful, this is your unfair competitive advantage. There’s no one better. There’s no process better than working with our organization, being plugged in what we do to understand the proven principles from this guy, Tony freaking Robbins, the number one business and life success coach on the planet. 

It’s the only reason why we’re doing this session, we’re part of this, is because of how Tony, our Business Mastery, our BRT, unleashed the power within. Our programs have literally impacted Cheng, his quality of life. And if you wanna model success, then follow what those successful people have been doing. And maybe you don’t, maybe you don’t wanna have a certain level of success where you have a business, you have this ability to put yourself in the right mental and emotional state, where you don’t believe it. And that’s fine too, because the reality is this, if I were to ask you right 

here, right now, are you giving it your all every single day? Are you tapping into all of what you’ve been given? Are you accessing all of your potential? Are you taking full control of your autopilot or is your autopilot controlling you? Are you a business owner or are you a business operator? Is everything in the business operating the way your autopilot is operating you or are you taking control with certainty to make the decisions that are necessary? Are you letting fear drive you or are you taking that fear and turning it into power? Are you using that emotional fuel? In the moments that Cheng’s business could have been literally destroyed a few weeks going into COVID or the pandemic, he made some decisions that completely altered and changed the course of his life. So, I ask you right here, right now, do you have more with inside of you? Are you capable of doing, having, creating more? And if you can’t get any better, then fantastic. 

You’re one of very, very few people on this planet. And once again, I have nothing but love and respect for each and every single one of you because I know what you do. Your business, your life is not always easy, there’s a lot of demands. But if we’re gonna call it tight, if we’re gonna be straight up and straight honest with each other, then I ask you, where are you currently playing at on a scale from one to 10? 10 is you can’t get any better, level one is, hey, maybe you’re rocking or you’re crushing it, but you know that you can do more, have more, create more. 

And regardless of what number do you give yourself, this isn’t to say you’re right or wrong, but just imagine, if you’re playing at a five, then you’re leaving 50% of what you’re capable untapped. You’re leaving 50% of what you know you can access, the quality of life untapped, but why? What’s the reason, what’s the truth? And the truth is most people have these stories. They have these reasons and there’s nothing wrong with those reasons, there’s nothing wrong with those stories, but those stories are gonna keep you stuck. 

And if you wanna get unstuck, if you wanna have fulfillment and success, then we have to get raw and real. And the reality of it is this, if I were to ask you to take these next few moments and really think about what is it that’s getting in the way? What’s the challenge, what’s the block, what’s the hurdle? Well, Tony’s done enough work with millions of people from literally hundred plus different countries worldwide, that there’s patterns to success and failure and those same challenges, same problems that you’re experiencing, now, of course, you may have a unique problem or challenge that no one else is experiencing, but it’s probably very close to another individual who’s experienced the same thing in their business where they don’t believe they can make it. They’re challenged, they don’t have the resources, or maybe they’re just burnt out, their emotional fuel is just… They’re running on empty. 

They feel uncertain. And maybe you have a belief inside of you that you have to work X amount of years before you can get out of the practice and have a quality of life with your family. Or maybe you have to just be in the business and you can’t work smart, you have to work hard and you have to work hard your whole life. And I’m not opposed about working hard. I’m asking you to work intelligently, but what stops intelligent people like you and I or anybody on this call, what stops intelligent people like Tony Robbins or the most successful people in the planet is the stories that we tell ourselves or the stories that we believe from the external world. 

And those stories are gonna keep you stuck. And those stories are limitations and we can live in a stories of limitations and we can live in the story of, this is the way that it is, this is the way that this industry is, this is the way that this practice is or this is a new way for me to have a new perspective, to gain some new awareness, to make some new decisions and choices. Because every single moment, we’re aging, every single moment, we’re making decisions that are getting us closer or further away to that success on our terms, what the amazing quality of life looks on our terms. 

And I’m asking you right here, right now, are you committed to making those decisions to go further and deeper, to not let the external world dictate your internal world? Because that stuff, those limitations, those stories, yes, they’re real and I acknowledge them, but those stories that are keeping you stuck are also called your BS. That’s right, your belief system. And there’s no way that you’ll ever be able to outearn, outsell or outperform your current belief system. There’s no way we will be able to do this if Cheng didn’t really believe that he can have a different quality of life. If he couldn’t have the business and the lifestyle that he’s created for himself, if he was living in that old story of stuck, depressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, because the stories that we tell ourselves create our reality. Your belief system is the strongest human force because it creates your identity, it reinforces your autopilot and you’re living in an identity of an operator in business or you’re making a decision to create a life that you can live on your terms. 

And it requires you to make some new decisions to not let those old beliefs, those limiting beliefs, because that’s what they are. Those stories that we tell ourselves that we can’t, that we’re not enough, it’s too difficult, all the stress, there’s no way, those limiting beliefs, those limiting stories will keep you stuck. And I want you to really imagine if you had an application coming into your practice and someone said, and they came in, they applied to your practice and they had these stories of can’t get it all done, there’s too much to do, I don’t have enough time with the family, and so I really wanna spend time with the family. So, I have these internal conflicts that go back and forth. I really can’t manage my emotional state, right? I can’t be tied into the business and have a quality life. You have to work hard, you can’t work smart. 

Would you really want that person in your business, in your culture? Because the number one factor that’s growing your business is your psychology. And the number one thing that’s holding your business back is your psychology. They’re one in the same. And when you change your psychology, you can change your skills. And you’re all very skillful. You all have talents and amazing abilities, but the reason why the best of the best, the reason why those individuals are gonna have success and fulfillment is because they made a decision to continue to improve their belief system, to continue to optimally perform at the best. 

And the best in the planet, from the Tom Bradys to the Michael Jordans to the Michael Phelps to the Conor McGregors, the best in sports, the best in business, do you all know what they do? They all work with one guy. There are here investing millions of dollars to work with them one-on-one. They’re either going through our programs, they’re literally sitting in the front rows taking down notes to some of this information that we’re going through right here, right now, and they’re applying it or they’re plugged in into our culture because we have a culture of improvement. We have a culture of helping people get unstuck because if you don’t know that if you’re tripping over your own shoe, there’s no way you’re gonna be able to tie your own shoe. 

This is not about tying your shoe or tripping over a shoelace, it’s about helping you become aware that the training never ends, that we’ve gone through the school, we’ve gone through the process to get here right here, right now, but there’s always another level. And that next level for you may be able to have fulfillment and success. But if you don’t believe it’s possible, if you don’t have the system, if you don’t have the structure, how do you create that? Team, your business will never outearn, outsell or outperform your current psychology, your identity as a leader. And there’s nobody better on this planet to help you become the absolute best, to close that gap, to unlock and unleash all that power, to follow through the systems and the processes you already know that you need to, to follow through on or to get those insights or to have someone to give you that perspective, to go in there and work with you, work alongside your team, than our organization, than the tools and resources we have. 

So, I’m asking you right here, right now, are you committed to making some new decisions, some new choices that can very well continue to literally impact, not only your world, but everybody else’s world that you get to impact because you may not impact the whole world, but every single person that you impact, it’s the whole world to them. And if you want better results, what are the reasons you want those results? What’s the reason, what’s your why? Remember earlier when we talked about there’s strategies, there’s actions, there’s that mental and emotional state, but why do you want to produce that result? What are you committed to producing? Why are you committed to making this happen for your business, for your life, for the people that you care about most? Team, I’m gonna share with you really quickly this principle, it’s called the success cycle. It’s coming from Tony. 

It’s the number one success coach on the planet, it’s coaching professional athletes, he shares this with them. When he’s coaching our literally millionaire dollar clients, when he has our group of platinum partners, individuals who are paying literally trips and travels up to like 150 to $200,000 to get into all of our events with Tony, trips and travels, he’s going through this core formula because until you understand this formula, until you understand that all of your results are really determined based on a couple of different factors, you’re gonna keep on running this autopilot. 

I don’t want you to run that autopilot that you don’t take full control over and this is called the success cycle. So, here’s what we got, let me pull it up for you, share the screen. So, let’s just imagine, what’s the result that you’d want to happen within your business or your life in the next, I don’t know, three months, six months, in the next year or so? And if you’re committed to getting crystal clear on having X amount of patients or X amount of revenue coming in or having a certain weight level that you’re at in your body or a certain energy level or maybe it’s passion and excitement in your relationship or taking back control of your time, not being an operator, but being a business owner, then I ask you to get very, very clear on your result. And you can go back and review whatever it is that goal is for you, but what specifically is the result that you’re after? And whatever that result may be, the more clarity you have, the more power you have. 

Excuse me, let me just pull this up. Here we go. Share screen. There we go. So, in order for you to produce any result, you have to take action, right? If you wanted to lose some weight, you know that there’s actions you need to take, right? If you wanna have a more passionate relationship, you know there’s action that you need to take. If you wanna have a successful practice, then you know there are certain actions you must take, right? And in order for you to take those actions, to produce those results, you must access something that we all have and it’s called your potential. We all have an unlimited potential. I’m not here to tell you to believe in yourself and get all pumped up and get excited and just believe that you can do it all. Yes, that’s called airy fairy positive thinking. There’s practicality, but no one can tell you what you can and cannot do when you access all of your potential. 

And in order for you to access all of our potential, to take those actions, to produce those results, whatever they may be, there’s a certain belief, there’s beliefs and patterns, right? We said earlier, the number one determining factor in all success in your business and your life are your patterns. And yes, that’s true. I said a little bit deeper, in order for you to really determine what those results are to have that success is to understand your unconscious patterns and your unconscious patterns are determining and running your autopilot, which is still true. But there’s no way that you can change the pattern of thinking, of behaving, until you change your beliefs because your belief system is like an operating system and the operating system that’s running the computers that you use on a day-to-day basis or your cell phone, if that operating system has not been updated since 1998, if you’re running Windows 1998 and you’re trying to build a business, live fulfilled in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond, you know that you need to continually update your operating system. 

But we can’t go to the Apple Store or the Microsoft Windows Store and say, “Get rid of this frustration. Get rid of this fear.” You have to have the ability to make that decision and do the work to make those changes because how do you install the application of Zoom on your computer if your computer hasn’t been updated since 1998? There’s no way that you can install the processes and the patterns into formulating a new autopilot until you update your operating system or your belief system. That’s how you close that gap. That’s how you have that success and the fulfillment. That’s when you become from a business operator to a business owner or you understand there’s proven ways to develop a value chain in your business, to really identify the optimax technology within your business, that when you shift a couple dials, when you shift a couple strategies in your practice, your practice can explode in an amazing way, but not only explode in an amazing way, but to help you step away if you choose to step away, to not work harder, but to work smarter. 

I’m gonna continue to reference Cheng because you’ve seen what he’s been able to develop and build in his business and his practice and a beautiful life and it all started with creating a brand new identity, a brand new belief system inside of himself. I shared with you earlier, I’m a small town boy from Merrillville, Indiana. I said I was gonna go work for the number one success culture planet. 

My parents are immigrants and their whole way of getting out of our lives was through education and working hard. And still to this day, I work very, very hard. Still to this day, I continue to educate myself, but I also know that I can work hard and I can work smart. And I value my degree, I think it was amazing. It gave me the opportunities from a prestigious university, but it also created this belief with inside of me that I know that there’s more that I don’t know. The more that I grow, the more that I know, the more that I realize I don’t know. 

And the more that I get around this amazing human being that has 105 businesses, who has multiple children, a brand new child, who has an amazing relationship with his beautiful wife, they have a beautiful relationship. He’s got 105 businesses. How does he manage all those things? Because there’s systems, there’s processes, and he’s not an operator, he’s a business owner. And if you wanna take ownership of your life, not letting the external world dictate your internal world, shifting that psychology, you need to expose that gap. And once you expose gap of where you are and where do you wanna be, then it’s doing the work. It’s making those changes in your beliefs. 

It’s changing those patterns. And it’s not about getting pumped up or excited, there’s proven principles. There’s a proven way that when you really get deep, when you really identify what it is and what’s holding you back, because most of what’s been holding us back has been here for some time. And we don’t realize it, that those beliefs have been there since we were like five years old. You know we learn 50% of who we are since at the age of five? You can’t turn off your subconscious mind from zero, conception to about five, six years old, you can’t say no. You’re just being literally trained and conditioned in your subconscious mind. This is why whenever I see this little girl, whenever I see this beautiful little girl, I tell her she’s beautiful, I tell her she’s amazing because she cannot reject what I’m telling her, but we let other people’s opinions of who we can be, what we’re here to do, impact and influence our own decisions to change our beliefs because we have to work hard. We have to be in the business 12 hours a day. We have to do things a certain way. And yes, that was the old model, but there’s a new model, there’s a brand new way of thinking. There’s a brand new way and it requires you to make some new changes. And those changes aren’t easy at times, but they’re worth it. 

And we have ways to help you make it easier and simple. It’s like if you consider Tony Robbins or if you could just like imagine the best personal trainer on the planet and they laid out everything for you, your workout routines, they laid out all of your clothes, they made all your meals, they did everything for you, they literally changed the way… So, every exercise all you had to do was lift the weights. But what if they were lifting the weight instead of you, then they develop the muscle. 

It’s not about developing physical muscle, it’s about developing the mental and emotional psychology. Remember, the 80%, the unstoppable, unfair competitive advantage, that mental and emotional muscle. Where you look at Cheng, what he’s been able to do and develop and create in his business, it’s because he developed a mental and emotional muscle with the best personal trainer on the planet for your mental and emotional state to conquer and overcome those doubts, those imposter syndrome, those burnout, but to help that quality of life, to live in a fulfilled, happy way. 

In order for things to shift and change, something has to shift and change. And I’m asking you right here right now that if you don’t change some of those old stories and that old BS, you’re choosing to keep living in that same story. And you’re bright smart individuals, you follow that cycle, if you do the same thing over and over again, it gets stronger and stronger and stronger and then one day turns into two days and two days turns into two weeks and then two weeks turns into two years and then two years turns into two decades. And then, we look back and be like, “Where did my… The growth of my children, I missed it all because I was building a business and I was being an operator the whole time, but that was the only way that I knew how.” Or you know what? I didn’t believe that it was possible for me and all these people, or all these things that are taking place, it’s not gonna work. And then we start to believe that story and then two decades turns into too freaking late because every single moment, we’re making decisions and choices and every single moment, we’re literally aging. 

Every single moment, every single day, we’re getting older and older and older. And the only thing that’s guaranteed is the next moment. And there’s one moment in time that the next moment will no longer be here. It’s time for us to maximize what we’re here to do for our clients, for our patients, for our family. So, you don’t have to FaceTime your children because it kills me that I have to FaceTime, my goddaughter from time to time and she’s not my daughter, but she lives in a different state. And that’s the reason I have to FaceTime her, but I wanna be there as much as I can for her. And I know that we all make sacrifices. I know that we’ve all had to go and do things that were challenging, that were difficult, that maybe other people didn’t wanna do. And that’s why you have the privilege to be here today doing what you’re doing. But there’s also another level. The training never stops. 

And in order for you to get to that next level, in order for you to have that success and fulfillment, in order for you to literally continue to raise that standard, to continue to be happier, it requires progress and progress is looking at those things, looking at those challenges and saying, “You know what? That story is no longer gonna serve me and it’s time to create a brand new belief system that I’m here to make an impact for my clients, for my patients, for my family,” to be a pillar in the community where I see Cheng and I see, wow, this amazing human being, what he’s been able to do all these years, where COVID could have crushed his business, but he made a pivot, why? ‘Cause he pivoted here. 

He made a pivot in his own personal and mental and emotional state. He followed proven principles from the number one success coach on the planet, is it possible? Is it possible that I follow, if I follow some of the same systems and structures, just like I did in school, just like I had to follow a certain system and process to get to where I’m at, certain requirements, certain prerequisites to get to where I’m at today, what if it was possible for me? And what if it wasn’t possible, but what if we could prove it? What if we can guarantee it? What a concept, because this individual, this organization has been around for decades. And if you wanna be around for the next few decades and beyond, build a business, be an owner. 

Live in a beautiful mental and emotional state to create what you wanna create, to not live in that realm of limitation, but to be a creator of an extraordinary quality life, it’s time for you to close that gap. It’s time for you to unlock and unleash all the power that you have with inside of you to really optimize your business to the max. It’s to really understand your business, your life, is just a chain of decisions that you’re making every single day. And what if you could provide massive value by how you show up every single moment by being in the right mental and emotional state? Your whole life could completely shift and change. And now, I wanna share with you a few insights or Cheng can share with you some insights or some next steps, some ideas on how you can model success, right? Because success leaves clues. 

And I’m not saying it’s Cheng or Tony Robbins or anyone, but what I am saying is if you follow those individuals who’ve been doing it for decades and an individual’s been able to provide an amazing opportunity for all of us, then maybe you should. And it’s not about maybe, it’s about saying yes. It’s about saying yes to what you know you’re capable of doing, to unlocking and unleashing truly all of your potential, all your power that you have with inside of you. 

I look forward to helping and being part of your process, the journey, however that may look, at our organization because we are the best of the best in order for you to become the best of the best, to be the best version of who you are and what you can be, to impact each and every single one of your patients, your clients, your friends, your family, all the people you care about most. You have to say yes to unlocking and unleashing all of what you’re capable of doing, becoming and having ’cause an extraordinary quality of life requires you to make some new decisions, some new choices and it’s time for you to say, “Yes, let’s do it. Let’s go, let’s go. It’s been an honor, a privilege, a pleasure. You guys are amazing. Cheng, you’re awesome, my man, I have nothing but love and respect for all you all. God bless you all.


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