Surviving Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Through Integrative Medicine

TJ Hills



How TJ reversed stage 3 breast cancer using nutritional intervention and genetic testing.
Why TJ decided to do surgery and chemotherapy and radiation and how it effected her.
Understanding estrogen metabolism and its role in breast cancer.
How to TJ has extended her life using an integrative approach to her health.
The role of estrogen in cancer and what to do about it.
How to prevent breast cancer by balancing estrogen levels.
Why genetic testing is critical to understanding your risk to breast cancer.
How to recognize if you have sub-optimal estrogen metabolism function.

Nathan Crane 

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the Conquering Cancer Summit. And today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. TJ Hills speaks to women and their physicians about improving estrogen health for breast cancer and recurrence prevention. She explains how simple nutritional interventions guided by genetic testing can offer relief and answers about our bodies and risks. She’s a breast cancer survivor a patient advocate, board member of the Hormonal Cancer Foundation, board member of the Estrogen Gene Tests company and author of My Estrogen Breast Cancer Treatment Diary Improving Estrogen Health. She’s appeared on national TV, radio, major medical conferences not-for-profit in corporate wellness programs and a lot more. Her website is TJ, thank you so much for joining us. 

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Surviving Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Through Integrative Medicine

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