Symptom Spotlight: Skin & Hair

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  • Understand how PCOS can be a root cause of chronic cystic acne and its connection with skin health
  • Consider the pros and cons of traditional treatments for acne, hair loss, and facial hair in relation to PCOS
  • Discover whole-body approaches that address the root causes of skin and hair issues, including a top vitamin tip for acne healing
  • This video is part of the PCOS SOS Summit
Felice Gersh, MD

Hi. I am Dr. Felice Gersh, your host for the PCOS SOS Summit. And I want to make sure all of you know that I am producing for the first time ever, a six-part program, a course on PCOS, where I get to share with you all of my expertise and my thoughts on how to help women with PCOS. Because as many of you know and I’ll share if you don’t, I am an integrative functional medicine medical doctor. I did the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil. I’m actually now on their faculty teaching, and it’s my mission to help women of all ages deal with their healthcare issues using a holistic, integrative approach, which basically means I don’t shun all of the conventional medical issues that are out there or the therapeutic, such as pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures. I’m not alternative medicine, integrative and functional. What I look for, though, is the most natural and efficacious way to help women to heal. And when it comes to PCOS, I literally wrote the book. I wrote PCOS SOS and PCOS SOS Fertility Fast-Track, two bestselling books on the topic. But I really want to do something that is live. I want to be able to just talk, not just write and and really just express my feelings and tell you about my experiences. Just share in a way that isn’t really possible. In a book about the different issues that women with PCOS face. In one of my different programs or we can call it a video chapter of my course I’m going to be dealing with issues involving skin and hair. So I wanted to just touch a little bit about what I’m going to be talking about in that particular module. 

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