The 3 Keys To Shifting Your External Reality

Felicia Gualda


  • Improving your external reality by shifting your internal energy.
  • The 3 aspects to becoming an integrated person.
  • The ultimate key to taking inspired action in the world.
  • How to live your life in greater service without effort.
  • The tremendous healing power of dropping into presence.
Jason Prall

Well, I am so thrilled to welcome our next guest. She’s become a good friend and somebody that I look to for advice and some energetic support, actually, when I’m going through things. Her name is Felicia Gualda. She is fiercely and passionately dedicated to actualizing the reality in which our human collective wakes up to the direct and embodied experience of ourselves as living in total freedom. Her mission is to keep showing up in love until this reality reigns true. Felicia has spent the better part of a decade actively learning, putting into practice, supporting others, and wholeheartedly deepening into everything from awakened levels of mind and the wisdom traditions to healing attachment trauma and processing stuck emotions in the body. Felicia, welcome.

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