The Dirty Girl Doctor, Biotoxins, And The Heart

Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFMCP


  • Environmental toxins like heavy metals (eg. mercury and lead) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (eg. plastics and flame retardants) can cause heart disease, hormone disruption, and inflammation
  • Biotoxins can be measured in hair, blood, and urine samples
  • Strategies to avoid biotoxins should be routine and advanced strategies using diet, supplements, sauna, exercise, sleep and other measures should be guided by an expert in detoxificatioon
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well, welcome back everybody, reverse heart disease naturally summit, you are not gonna want to move right now. You want to buckle up, sit down, pay attention or maybe you’re on a treadmill desk or standing desk are listening to this value bicycle, do something but we have a good one. We have Dr. Wendy Trubow, she and I learned just recently as new friends share a little bit of Detroit background, although she’s in the great state of New York and Wendy is an amazing doctor, has an amazing story, has amazing book which you can see in my hand called Dirty girl. Don’t have any thoughts there. It’s about Dirty Life in the world and how you get rid of some of that and why that’s important to reversing heart disease and an amazing practice with her husband, Ed Levitan, MD. So thank you so much for taking time out of your day. Wonder you’re very, very busy doc but introduce yourself. Where are you at your clinic? And how did you go from being a great preventive doctor now, you know, a leading toxin and toxin removal expert.

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