The Effective Application of the FlexPulse PEMF System

Sean Dillon


  • Discuss how the FlexPulse can be so useful as a portable, safe and multi-purpose PEMF device for healing and health maintenance.
Riz Lakhani, L. Ac., M. Ac

Hello, this is Riz Lakhani with the team, and we’re back for part two of our interview with Sean Dillon. And we’re gonna take some time here to talk about the FlexPulse device. And I have one of those devices right here. The FlexPulse is a portable PEMF device, and it allows us to treat specific local areas of the body. We also use it a lot to treat the brain, and I have the original FlexPulse which is the, it had six programs, since then, been a newly released FlexPulse that has 10 programs. So the technology’s evolved a bit. And so, Sean, I’m gonna go ahead and hand it off to you. I’m curious to hear all about how you use the FlexPulse, since that’s something that you’re doing a lot of.

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The Effective Application of the FlexPulse PEMF System

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