The Gut-Skin-Hormone Connection

Trevor Cates


  • How hormones impact skin
  • How skincare products impact hormones
  • The gut-skin-hormone connection
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi everyone, welcome back to Mastering the Menopause Transition summit. I am still your host, Dr. Sharon Stills, and excited as always to be here with you all. Every interview is so phenomenal, but this one is gonna be extra phenomenal, I have a very special guest with us, and we’re gonna be talking about all things skincare. We have The Spa Doctor in the house, which is amazing, she has a new book that just came out, so we’re gonna get to learn a little bit about that. And Dr. Trevor Cates is a naturopath, just like I am, she is a bestselling author already, this is not her first book that’s coming out. She’s been featured on TV shows, “The Doctors,” “Extra TV.” She was the host of the docuseries that I was a part of, “Hormones, Health, and Harmony,” hopefully you got to check that out, it was phenomenal. And so, she’s a wealth of knowledge, and we are very grateful and lucky to have her here today. So welcome to the summit.

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