The Hormone Prescription for Preventing Dementia

Dr. Kyrin Dunston


  • Why sex hormones should be called flex hormones;
  • How to get maxiumum impact from your hormone replacement to create balance;
  • What most people get wrong when thinking about menopause
Heather Sandison, N.D.

Welcome to this episode of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Heather Sandison, and I’m so excited to introduce you to Dr. Kyrin Dunston. She has, welcome. After discovering the hidden cause of midlife weight gain and fatigue in women, she lost a life-changing hundred pounds and fixed her adrenal fatigue. She’s fellowship trained in anti-aging, metabolic and functional medicine, and has practiced this way exclusively for over a decade. She’s a pioneer of female hormonal justice. Dr. Kyrin hosts “The Hormone Prescription Podcast” with new episodes every week. She’s the founder of The Hormone Club, an end-to-end all inclusive membership, providing women access to state-of-the-art natural hormone therapy treatment throughout the U.S., and the Midlife Metabolism Institute, providing educational and coaching programs for women at midlife, to fix their hormones and their metabolism and their health for life. She’s been featured on CBS, NBC, and “Reader’s Digest”, “The Huffington Post”, “First for Women”, “Best Self”, and others. She’s your midlife metabolic ninja who will show you the steps to take you to unleashing your best help yet. I love it, and she’s a ton of fun! Welcome.

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