The Easy Plant Diet: Ocean Robbins And The Food Revolution

Ocean Robbins


  • How did Ocean and his father John Robbins enter the plant diet world as health leaders?
  • The principles taught in his book, the 31 Day Food Revolution
  • Do plant diets have to be expensive?
  • The role of gratitude in health and happiness
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well everybody welcome. Don’t move, sit down, stand up, but just don’t move because it’s gonna be a really exciting, really informative, life changing interview and I’m so excited because I’ve been interviewed by Ocean Robbins and at times by his father, John Robbins, I’ve never had the pleasure of being in the hot seat here asking questions. It’s gonna be easy because Ocean Robbins is a pro and just to introduce him, CEO of the 700,000 member Food Revolution Network, a big group of people that hunger for information from John and Ocean author of a great book, great book, 31 Day Food Revolution, heal your body, feel great and transform your world. We’ll talk about this. And although Ocean always looks youthful, he’s actually been doing this a long time at age 16 and for the next 20 years founded youth for environmental sanity, also known as yes, spoken to hundreds of thousands of people and through his online Food Revolution Network seminars reached well over a million people in people in 65 countries won awards at Jefferson Award for outstanding public service was one of them. I just say truthfully, I’m excited to have you here.

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