The Importance Of Supplementation

Christine Schaffner, ND



Learn from one of the top experts the order and the way to dose your supplements for optimal health.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, we’re back. Yup, both Dr. Schaffner and myself are back, and today she’s gonna talk about a company that she has a direct relationship with. It’s called BioPure, and they make some pretty unique formulations. There’s different delivery systems and ways to get nutrients and supplements and things into the body. Well, we all know you can breathe things and you can eat things, and these are ways to get things in, and we know about IV therapy, but she’s gonna talk to us a little bit more about another delivery system, which is one of my favorite ones, called liposomal, and formulations that have this unique delivery system. So, Dr. Schaffner, welcome back. Tell us about BioPure, what they’re doing that’s unusual, and tell us a little bit, what is liposomal format? What is that platform? How does it work exactly?

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The Importance Of Supplementation

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