Environment, Toxins and Health: The Interplay Between Exposures and Vitality

Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA 


  • Since toxins are everywhere and we are continually exposed, it’s not possible to be perfect and elimination, just do better. The most common toxins include metals, mycotoxins and other environmental toxins. Testing for toxins is very important and can focus detoxification and treatment. Testing is especially important if you’re doing everything right but still have health issues. Those who should test include those who are super sick, multiple autoimmune conditions, degenerative disease, and cancer. The industries with the most toxicity and in which the workers are the sickest, include those who do here dying, glassblowing and shipbuilders. Most testing involves urine testing. Other contributing factors to making toxin effects worse include EMF exposure. Toxin exposure can lead to many conditions, including autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic degenerative diseases and Alzheimer’s/dementia. Some of the most common toxins of exposure include glyphosate in food and plastics. For treatment, remove what can be removed gradually to “level up”. Prioritize the elimination or reduction of the most likely cause of symptoms, including mold exposure, heavy metals, and plastics. “One-size-fits-youl”. Make the body healthier by eating real food, veggies, adequate sleep, regular perspiration, lymphatic drainage, and relaxation. More information can be found on fivejourneys.com and EWG.org. Besides directly testing for heavy metals, plastics and pesticides, also include detox capacity with MTHFR. If there is one “most important” strategy that most people can easily do it is to remove plastics from one’s life, unless there is another more significant issue. For dealing with toxicity, “pick your battles” because you can’t eliminate all possible risk factors.
Marlene Mahipat, DC

Hello, hello. How are you Dr. Trubow.

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