Calling On The Master’s Energy

Master Chunyi Lin


  • What is Remote Energy Healing and how is it possible?
  • How do you know the energy is received remotely?
  • Can anyone learn Remote Healing?
Tom McCarthy

I am honored to have the co-host of The Global Energy Healing Summit on with me right now. And his name is Chunyi Lin. He’s somebody that I can’t remember how long ago I met Chunyi, but the minute I met him, he just left an impression. And it was not something where, you know, he was trying to be impressive and, and, you know, kind of make a big deal about who he was. It was that it was exactly the opposite. His heart was so big , and so loving and so warm that I just knew, this is a person I had to meet, and I had to get to know. And he and I are part of a group called the Transformational Leadership Council. He was in it before I was, and I came in probably a few years after he was in it, but still, probably 12 years ago. And he’s become one of my dearest friends. One of my go-to people when I’ve got a problem or an issue, he is one of the most enlightened people, I believe, on the planet. He’s a Qigong master, was named the top Qigong master in all of America. I can’t remember what year it was, but several years ago, and he’s written books about healing. His goal in life is to have a healer in every home, which is really beautiful. And so through his Qigong, and through his healing teachings, that’s what he’s set out to do. I know he’s got a new book coming out soon. We were just talking about that. He’s super busy now. So he is trying to finish writing it, but, but that’ll be out so… Chunyi I’m so excited to have you here. Welcome. Good to see you.


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