The Missing Key To Healing Chronic Infections

Thomas Moorcroft, DO


  • If you or someone you know is living with Lyme Disease or MCAS, this session is for you!!
  • Learn how love and gratitude is often a missing piece of healing from an environmentally acquired illness
  • Learn about the roll sleep and breath play in optimizing brain detoxification and overall healing
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to the Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana Danielson, your co host for a jam-packed week full of what I hope to be light bulb moments, Aha moments and little gems that you can take with you each day from the summit and really start to visualize how you can implement them into your life. Starting today, our next speaker is Dr. Tom Moorcroft and let me tell you a little bit about this amazing man. He works with clients that have autoimmune diseases like Lyme disease and what I thought was really interesting when I was reading his bio is that he’s created an experience called thrive with lime blueprint and in this blueprint he assists those living with lime and related diseases tap into the true source of radiant health. And so I can’t wait to get into that and not only that, but he works with practitioners. So talk about a man that’s exponentially, you know, bumping up his impact. So he’s also created a practitioner certification and a mentorship program so that other practitioners can learn and really show up for their patients the way Dr. Tom has learned and shows up for his, his goal is to empower each of his patients to get in touch with their inner source of health so that they can really experience the true, optimal, optimal health. And let’s be honest, this, we were born with one body, this beautiful vessel of ours from the first of the last breath on this earth. So we’re gonna, we should be doing whatever we can to really optimize that while we are here, so Dr. Tom thank you so much for saying yes to the invitation and being on The Medicine of Mindset Summit.

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