The Mold, Biotoxin, Tick-Borne Illness Connection

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  • What role do toxic load and infection load play in illness and healing?
  • What is Medical Gaslighting and its impact on your health?
  • Dr. Jill’s simple and effective strategies to be kind to yourself and ignite self-healing in the face of chronic illness
  • Are my Symptoms Lyme, Mold or both? And which should I treat first?
  • What is the best approach to diagnosing and treating Biotoxin and Mold illness?
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everyone, Dr. Tom Moorcroft here and welcome back to the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. I’m so excited to have you here with us for this episode of our summit. And today I’m joined by my great friend, Dr. Jill Carnahan, and she is one of the leaders in the field of taking, you know, bio toxin illness, mold, illness, combining that understanding with an understanding of tick borne illness and really getting to the root cause of why you’re sick, maybe why you’re not recovering as quickly as you would think, and why you’re getting this god awful hurt climbers and flares that are getting in your way. So this is going to be a really, really awesome experience today. And I just wanted to share a quick little story and to as a way of intro and Dr. Carnahan, I ran into each other at a Joe Dispenza event, and it was like this instant, sort of like we knew we needed to talk and meet each other, but it was like this conversation around, possibility around, you know, what we put our mind on and what we put our heart on is the things we can achieve in our lives and our mutual love of things like skiing and getting outside and doing the things in our lives that we love. 

So I know that our conversation will not only give you the latest, greatest ways to start to tweak your protocol so you can move forward, but also find out a lot about really listening to what’s in your heart so that we can really supercharge that self-healing mechanism. And a quick, really cool thing that I wanted to also share that a new book, Unexpected Finding Unexpected Finding Resilience through Functional Medicine, Science and Faith has been released a couple of months ago. So I strongly urge you, if you love this conversation, to dove in and grab a copy of that book because it’s really just takes everything Dr. Carnahan has experienced through personal life in her professional life, and puts it on the table so that you can learn and grow. So, Dr. Jill, thank you so much for showing up today and spending time with all of us.

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The Mold, Biotoxin, Tick-Borne Illness Connection

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