The No Meat Athlete: How To Be A Plant-Based Athlete

Matthew Frazier


  • Diets of whole plants can improve athletic performance and recovery and are used worldwide.
  • The number one concern, adequate protein, can easily be obtained from legumes, grains and greens.
  • You can complement the plant based diet with a convenient multivitamin to boost a few key nutrient levels
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Everybody welcome back, this is reverse your heart disease naturally. Summit Dr. Joel Kahn and this is a great episode. We want practical information. I want to be healthy. I want to keep my heart healthy. I want to get my heart better and I know that exercise is gonna be part of it. But everybody I know that exercises eats chicken, eats fish, eats tilapia. I mean, how can you possibly have great cardio, great strength, great flexibility. So we brought the expert Matt Frazier. Good morning Matt, Good day. Good afternoon. Good evening.

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