The Penis and the Heart: Lessons from a Urologist

Judson Brandeis, MD


  • The link between erectile dysfunction and heart disease
  • How to improve blood flow to the penis
  • The benefits of nitric oxide supplementation
  • How shockwave therapy grows new blood vessels
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright everybody welcome back to another amazing all star episode of Reverse Your Heart Disease Naturally Summit. Joel Kahn, your host along with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. But today just buckle your seatbelt, don’t plan on moving for 35 minutes. We brought you really one of America’s top all star urologist urologist of course are specialists in the bladder, in the sexual organs and kidney functions and all surgical and nonsurgical. But his particular interest is sexual health. Male and female sexual health and how that connects with the heart. So you may have some sexual difficulties, you may know somebody that does. You’ve read about it. Let’s dig deep. This is the amazing Judson Brandeis, MD of huge academic polish. If I remember tell me, Judson, I get this wrong Brown University, U. C. L. A. Urology training, I think you threw in a little Harvard medical school immunology transplant work. And you’re in San Ramon, California. I’ve been in San Ramon. It’s a beautiful area where, how far north of San Francisco? 

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