The Power of Eight with Lynne McTaggart​

Lynne McTaggart


  • The Power of Eight.
  • The Power of Eight groups.
  • Intention Experiments.
  • Results.
Tom McCarthy

I’m very excited for our next guest. She and I were just talking a little bit earlier. And I first met her back in 2008 when I had just been invited and she had been invited to join the same group called the Transformational Leadership Council. And it was an awesome experience. We’ve been members ever since. It was in Vail, Colorado, back in 2008. You reminded me of the year, Lynne. So thank you for that. And it’s been so cool learning about your work. Lynn is one of the foremost thinkers in the new consciousness movement. She’s written several amazing best sellers that I’ve loved reading because you do such great research. Some of the books that she’s written are “The Field,” “The Intention Experiment” which is the first one that I read, “The Bond,” and then her latest book “The Power of Eight,” which we’ll be discussing that a little bit later. The interesting thing about Lynne was that she’s obviously a great writer, but she was a journalist first. I think your first book was written about one of John F. Kennedy’s sisters. Is that correct?

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