The Power of The Vagus Nerve and Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Peter S. Staats, MD, MBA


  • The vagus nerve (VN) is the longest cranial nerve in the body. Stimulation of the vagus nerve especially affects the parasympathetic nervous system. The FDA-approved noninvasive, nonpainful vagus nerve stimulator, the Gammacore, is placed over the carotid artery. It is approved for various types of headaches and can help with the pulmonary inflammation associated with Covid. Even though it’s primarily intended for the approved indications it has all the benefits of stimulating the parasympathetic system including heart and G.I. function, neurological disorders and even mood and anxiety. PEMFs integrate well with VN simulation.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, this is Dr. Pawluk. Today, I have a very important guest, an unusual guest, and somebody who shares a background with me at Johns Hopkins. The title of the interview today is titled “The Power of The Vagus Nerve and Vagus Nerve Stimulation.” And I have with me Dr. Peter Staats. So Dr. Staats is the founder and director of the Pain Management Program at Johns Hopkins. He’s internationally recognized for inventing, developing, and implementing minimally invasive procedures for pain and neuromodulation. He’s currently the CMO, chief medical officer of the National Spine and Pain Centers, and co-founder of electroCore, which is the primary reason for our chat today. He’s also the president of the World Institute of Pain, and he’s the past president of various societies, and they’re too long to list, but a lot of societies, let me put it that way. He’s co-edited 14 books, has over 500 scientific publications on pain management and neuromodulation. He’s been highlighted on “Good Morning America”, “CBS Evening News”, “Newsweek”, and “CNN” at his numerous lifetime achievement awards. Again, too numerous to go into. So I welcome you, Dr. Staats, I look forward to our discussion. All right, so let’s dig in. So this is about the power of the vagus nerve and vagus nerve stimulation. So let’s tell people, first of all, what is this nerve that they probably have heard about? And they know that it’s important. So why is the vagus nerve important and what is it?

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