The Relevance Of Mold Toxicity & Its Sequelae

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  • Lyme disease and Mold illness – how to tell the difference between the overlapping symptoms and how treatments differ?
  • Learn where you have to go in order to heal from Lyme, Bartonella and Mold illness
  • When does limbic dysfunction actually start and what can you do about it?
  • Learn what role the limbic system, vagus nerve and mast cells plan in the development of hypersensitivity and what steps to take in order to heal
  • How chronic Mycotoxin illness and Bartonella lead to hypersensitivity through limbic dysfunction, vagus nerve dysfunction, MCAS
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everyone. Dr. Tom Moorcroft, back here with you for this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. And today you’re in for a great treat as we get a chance to talk to a beloved friend of mine, a dear mentor to so many of us, and really one of the forefathers of and I think earlier when we were talking, I said one of the OGs of the integrative and functional medicine field, a true leader. I’m not only in functional medicine, but specifically in Lyme disease. Bartonella Treatment and mold toxicity treatment. Dr. Neil, Nathan and many of you, you may know him for his book Toxic, which is sort of a Bible for many of us in learning how to overcome chronic, complex illnesses, especially in the sensitivities we see in patients. I’m looking at his bio here and this is so many amazing things. There’s several books that you should definitely know about. Toxic is one of them, Mold and Mycotoxins that was published in 2016, talking about current evaluation and treatment, but also, just so you’re all aware, if you have followed Dr. Nathan and all of his work, he is coming out with a book called Why Am I So Sensitive and What to Do About It that should be published towards the end of 2023. And if you’re not familiar with Dr. Nathan’s work after our conversation today, I’m sure you’re going to love him as much as I do. And so many others in our community for both the love he shares and the just the pure medical genius of how to work with a patient who is so sensitive that almost no one else knows how to do so. Dr. Nathan, thanks so much for making the time to be here and for all you’ve done and for all you continue to do for all of us in this field.

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The Relevance Of Mold Toxicity & Its Sequelae

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