The Role Mitochondria Play In Producing And Enhancing Your Energy

Ari Whitten, PhD Candidate, CES, PES


  • Our trillion of cells have mitochondria, we have come to know mitochondria as the power stations of our cells.
  • In this conversation, Ari Whitten shares how they are so much more than that and how our stress, fatigue and burnout can shift our mitochondria from energy mode to defense mode and why it is so important for us to know how we can positively impact this shift.
Jana Danielson

Hey everyone welcome back to the end, chronic stress, fatigue and burnout. The medicine and mindset summit. It’s Jana here back with you and I am excited to introduce you to our next guest speaker. This is Ari Whitten. He is the founder of the Energy Blueprint. Let me tell you a little bit about him and how he shows up in this world. He’s the best selling author of the ultimate Guide to red light therapy and eat for energy, how to beat fatigue and supercharge your mitochondria for all day energy. He has a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As a corrective exercise specialist and performance enhancement specialist has completed extensive graduate studies in clinical psychology and holds a master’s of science degree in human nutrition and functional medicine? Ari is a timeless researcher who has devoted the last 27 years of his life to being on the cutting edge of the science of health and human energy optimization. You can find his podcast programs and supplement formulas at And today we’re talking all about the role of mitochondria in producing and enhancing your energy. So Ari welcome to the medicine of mindset virtual stage.

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The Role Mitochondria Play In Producing And Enhancing Your Energy

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