The Role of Toxins in Dementia

Heather Sandison, ND


  • How toxic buildup damages the brain. 
  • Strategies for optimal detox. 
  • Reducing and eliminating toxins in your environment.
Heather Sandison, N.D.

What an incredible day today was. You heard from some of my teachers, some of the people I’ve learned from, and I wanna just kinda put it all together a little bit more for you, and also share some examples of what we’ve seen in the clinic when it comes to toxic exposure and brain health. So when we think about brain health, I love starting with toxins, because it gives me this sense of relief and accomplishment, where we can check the box and move on. If we find that you have heavy metals or mycotoxins or chemical toxins, well, we get the opportunity, once we know, once we’re aware, that we can now find out what the exposure was, if it’s still going on, if it’s, say, lead pipes, or if it’s mercury in your mouth, or if it’s mold in the house, we can figure it out, do something about it, stop the exposure. And that’s step one of environmental medicine, which is at the top of brain health foundations. So then after we’ve figured it out, gotten rid of the exposure, we can help to bind these things, help support your liver, help support every cell in your body to kick these toxins out so that it’s not taking as much nutrients and as much energy from you to get rid of them, and they’re not mucking up the system. They’re not, as Dr Bredesen says, if you think of your brain as “My-brain-istan”, as a country, you don’t wanna be defending yourself against toxins, taking out all that extra trash, creating more destruction. What you wanna do is be focused on building infrastructure on your roads, and connections and new memories. 

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The Role of Toxins in Dementia

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