The Secrets To Holistic Dental Care And Living Beauty

Nadine Artemis


  • Did you know that our skin has its own biome, or mouth has its biome just like our gut has its own biome?
  • Naturally caring for our skin and teeth has never been easier and Nadine explain why and how!
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone. Thanks for joining us again here for our next really cool episode at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I have a fellow Canadian with me on the virtual stage and I’m really excited to introduce you to Nadine Artemis. Now let me tell you a little bit about this amazing woman. She is a high profile expert in the health, beauty and wellness industries. She is the creator of living libations, a luxury line of organic wild, created non Gmo serums, elixirs and essential oils. And if you have not been to this website, everyone just do yourself a favor. We’re going to let you know at the end how you can check out Nadine’s amazing work. She is a she speaks at wellness conferences all over the world is a frequent commentator on health and beauty in the media and she’s got some highfalutin celebrity fans and I’m gonna do some name dropping because I was like, oh, so Renee Zellweger for me was like, you know that Jerry Maguire moment? I mean I love her in that film. Carry on Mouse. Now, come on trinity from the Matrix. Like if this line is good enough for like a superwoman hero, like trinity, we need to give it a try and of course Mandy Moore who doesn’t love Mandy Moore, she’s the author of two books including renegade beauty and holistic dental care and she really is going to bring quite a unique perspective to this summit this week. So Nadine, thank you so much for being here.

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