Similarities: Tick-Borne Disease & Long COVID

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  • What are the types of long COVID and what may predispose you to it
  • Learn how to navigate immune dysregulation when you have concurrent tick-borne infections and COVID
  • What we’re learning from long haul COVID and how this can help support healing from chronic tick-borne illnesses
  • You always rise to the occasion. Learn how to harness this super power to optimize healing
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Hi and welcome back to this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Tom Moorcroft, and this is actually my third take on the intro here. So this has been kind of fun because today is an extra special interview that we’re bringing to you. We have Nafysa Parpia with us, as well as Dr. Eric Gordon and they are two of my nearest dearest friends who’ve been in this field for a very long time, guiding the way that we all think about, you know, tick borne illness, educating, practicing owners, sharing information with patients.And one of the reasons that I wanted to bring Dr. Gordon and Dr. Parpia here today is that I wanted to talk. We’ve been on different summits together that you guys have hosted, including more than Mycotoxins and the Long Haul COVID Recovery Summit. 

And one of the things that we always seem to talk about is really the nuts and bolts of how to reignite self healing and get to the bottom of it.So there’s always this great kind of mix of the science and the research, the clinical aspect of working with patients. And then we always go to this crazy place called love and we talk about this a tremendous amount in all of our interviews. And I think it’s just, you know, I can think of two people better to have a conversation with, to really wrap together all the things that this summit is about. So Nafysa and Eric, thank you so much for joining me today. And I’m really looking forward to our conversation about similarities between tick borne illness and long COVID.

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Similarities: Tick-Borne Disease & Long COVID

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