The Root Cause Of Disease: The Solutions To Elevated States Of Mind

Dr. Edward Group


  • When we go beyond the symptoms, the inflammation, and the diagnosis we are left with the 2 simple root causes of all disease
  • Learn about the 4 pillars that have the power to reverse many of the ailments and diseases that plague you
  • Solutions like detox and cleanse will also be covered
Jana Danielson

Well, welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit, It’s Jana Danielson, I am your guide for this entire week of really what I’m calling magic. It’s the medicine of mindset but yet it’s almost like the medicine of magic because one of the root what I guess one of the routes that I grounded into for this summit was as you know, I made up if you’ve watched different episodes earlier is that I truly believe and I know there are others on this planet that believe that we do have the ability to heal in miraculous ways. We often just get distracted by overwhelm of information or you know, an instagram feed that looks pristine and our mind tells us well you could never do that or you could never be that. And this week is a complete deviation from that. I hope that you’ve taken the time out to, you know, clear some space so that your mind and your body and your soul can be ready to absorb the amazing information that our next speaker has for us. So it brings me great pleasure to introduce Dr. Edward Group to you. He is a world renowned natural health expert, best selling author and frequent guest on radio and tv as a healer and alternative health advocate Dr. Group has dedicated his life to helping others. His mission is to identify and eliminate the root cause of disease and we’re going to really dive into that today. He is the founder and CEO of global healing and global healing institute and Industry leader and innovator in the field of natural health and through his company, his media appearances Dr. Group is spreading his message of positivity, hope and wellness throughout the world and that is why he was a perfect puzzle piece for this week long experience Dr. Group. Thank you so much for gracing us at The Medicine of Mindset virtual stage.

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