The Truth About Stress and Heart Rate Variability

Dr. Jay Wiles


  • The bidirectional relationship between stress and physiology
  • How HRV is the best non-invasive proxy for assessing nervous system changes
  • The myth about stress and why your body needs it
Kashif Khan

All right, everyone we’re back. And today we’re talking to Dr. Jay Wiles. We have some cool stuff to go through. Something that I personally need to deal with, which is me slowly killing myself with the stress load I’ve been taking on. People, even when I look in our own office, the way people handle it, the way people deal with it, the way it’s even perceived is so different for different people, the physiological response, the mental response. So we’re gonna dive into a lot of that stuff. We’re also gonna look at heart rate variability and some of the myths that we think we’re getting out of this and some of what we need to get out of it that we know we’re getting out of it. So first of all, welcome.


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