The Use of PEMF with Cancer

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM


  • PEMF can be a valuable tool to increase the health of your immune response, vital when fighting cancer. It can support cancer patients that deal with other coexisting problems such as pain and fatigue, and can support healthy cells and protect them from the ravaging effects of chemo and radiation.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

This is Dr. Pawluk. This episode today is about Pulsed Magnetic Field in the healing summit as part of the use of PEMF with cancer. I have with me today, Dr. Kevin Conners, who’s a exceptional physician, who’s also a survivor himself, if you want, will hopefully share with us his own journey, his own experience. And he has used PEMFs in his practice along with many other modalities for quite some time. So rather than me telling his story, Dr. Conners, if you wouldn’t please mind sharing with us your history, how you got to where you are today and let’s educate everybody.

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