The Use Of Photobiology As A Means For Mobilizing Stem Cells

David Schmidt


  • Rejuvenating and activating your own stem cells through a new revolutionizing photo delivery system
  • This tecnology has the ability to within 24 hours measurably increase levels of vital peptides such as GHK-Cu and Glutathione
  • GHK-Cu has a number of significant health benefits which are derived from its ability to reset about one third of the human genome to a more youthful state
  • Benefits include improved mitochondrial function, improved protein synthesis, management of inflammation, improved recovery after exercise and improved wound healing
Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Well, David Schmidt, I am so excited to have you on this segment of Regenerative Medicine Summit. This is gonna be amazing information that we’re going to be chatting about.

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The Use Of Photobiology As A Means For Mobilizing Stem Cells

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