The Vagus Nerve, POTS, And MCAS

Diana Driscoll, OD


  • The vagus nerve is the anti-inflammatory nerve of the body and helps control abnormal mast cell activation
  • You do not need to consciously stimulate this nerve — it is autonomic and works automatically
  • If it is not working well, you may have a neurotransmitter problem, and Parasym Plus (and Parasym Plus Eyes) works by stimulating the receptor of this nerve. It doesn’t depend upon a healthy nerve or nerve stimulation
Christine Schaffner, ND

Welcome everyone to the Mast Cell Summit. I’m Dr. Christine Schaffner, and I’m thrilled to have my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Diana Driscoll on the summit with us. And we are gonna talk all thing POTS, all thing vagus nerve, and really the relationship of mast cell in this constellation of symptoms. So welcome Dr. Driscoll.


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