Thyroid Care Beyond the Traditional Medical Paradigm

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  • Dr. Rob Abbott, MD, discusses the importance of a holistic approach in healthcare, addressing both physical and emotional well-being
  • The conversation emphasizes the significance of personalized medicine and patient-centered care, focusing on understanding individual experiences and needs
  • Dr. Abbott shares insights from his book “Intention,” which highlights the need for intentionality in medical practice, fostering authentic connections and integrating empathy into healthcare
Dr. Kelly Halderman

Hi I’m Dr. Kelly Halderman. I’m a former medical physician and author of the thyroid debacle. I’m now devoting my life to education, research and biotech because I realized we need educated people to bring us cutting edge information, especially when we find ourselves with a diagnosis such as hypothyroidism. When I was practicing al empathic medicine, I myself became very sick, bedridden with what would be diagnosed as lyme and mold infections along my health journey. I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a condition I was told that could only be managed with medication. Well I’m here to tell you that there is more than medication to help you as you will learn through my powerful interviews with several functional medicine practitioners. There are tools that will help empower you to take charge of your health. Join me today as I interview leading doctors, naturopathic specialists to uncover the most useful health insights for you. This podcast has been launched in collaboration with DrTalks visit them today at to learn more about their upcoming summits. 

Hi everyone, welcome back to DrTalks. This is Dr. Kelly Halderman, your hostess with the mostest and literally I am having a great day today because I get to talk to my friend and colleague Dr. Rob Abbott. He is a rock star. There’s so many adjectives you guys I could use to describe rob. But first of all he’s a medical doctor, he is the medical director of resilient roots. It’s a functional and evolutionary medicine clinic. He’s also the director of research for the Rocio Institute of Research. He’s the author of my new favorite book. I don’t think anything’s ever gonna top this book Rob. It is called The Breaking of our healers becoming the doctor. I never planned to be Rob. I mean like this book underlying flag dog eared. It’s just really resonates with me and that’s why I’m excited for you. I’m excited for the listener, the person who may be struggling with the medical diagnosis, the doctor who has gone through the training that we have gone run through. So you know, I really want to get into right away again welcoming you first of all. Like thank you for your time. 

But I want to dive in because I think that the topic today, we’re gonna talk about why, you know, particularly doctors act the way they do like our training, what went into it and how that works and what we both discovered did not resonate with us was very egotist tonic. So do you mind if I read from your book to start? Okay, what’s okay? What’s missing from this medical paradigm however, is the acknowledgement that human suffering can result just as easily from the absence of an essential element as it can develop from the presence of something pathogenic. So you call this a lack of basic home a static balance and then you go on to say do not be blinded by the belief that suffering and disease are only caused by a stressor in an insult everything from the absence of certain microbial species in the colon to failing to hear a good game following a competitive match of soccer can be, can be as detrimental to our health and well being as a single cell of sal Malala. Tell us about this. Tell us about the medical paradigm. Tell us your experience of it.

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