Tools to Rise Above Life Challenges

Angi and Arlynd Fletcher


  • Personal growth and perseverance skills
  • How to Thrive not just survive Dive deep into the art of positive thinking
  • Share emotions and life revelations as you journey with Angi and Arlynd.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the “Healthy Hotline.” And today I have, they’re not a power couple, they are a super power couple. These people are amazing. And I don’t know if you can relate to this, but have you ever met anybody in your life that instantly you kind of like know that you’ve known one another from prior lives? Well, that’s both Angi and Arlynd Fletcher. And I want to let you know, you can get to them in a couple of ways, but the one that I liked the most is @AngiGreene and that’s her Instagram account, or you can actually go to their website, which is really amazing. And it’s information, you know, a website is like, it’s a function of passion, you know? And so it’s an evolution and that’s what theirs is about. So you can get there by So that’s how you can find them. 

Anyway, we’re here today, and I’m so happy that you’re joining us. This is part of our Lyme series. We’re touching the Lyme community. And when I thought about having you guys be part of this program, first of all, I didn’t feel as though this program or the profile we’re putting out would be complete without you guys being part of it. And when I think about you guys, I think about you in a sort of optimal health. You guys are the uber biohackers. You’re always looking to up scale the latest technology, biotechnology out there that will help inspire your health, both emotional and physical. And Angi, you have an amazing story and you have a great following. And you really are so authentic, both of you, in the way that you present your lives. 

And so that’s what I find so resonating when I read your posts and things that you do, it’s just, you put it out there and it’s so real. And for that reason, I think that your contribution to everybody’s health and wellness is so important on a daily basis. Not just, you know, like the memories. So with that, I just want to spend a minute or two, or have you guys spent a minute or two just to give the people viewing today a little bit of the backdrop of the A and A roadshow. Like, what goes on for you guys in the back scenes? Like, how do you get it together? Like, how’d you get to the place you’re at today? And give us a little bit of that, if you don’t mind.

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