Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation

Melissa Nohr, JD, BCHHP, CBNP


  • Difference Between Medical and Functional Blood Analysis
  • Blood Sugar, Insulin, Glycation and Your Brain
  • The Importance of Measuring Homocysteine for Brain Health
  • Inflammatory and Toxin Related Biomarkers
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Well. Hey there and welcome to the reverse brain disorders summit, I’m your host Dr. David Jockers and I’m excited about today’s presentation. We’re gonna talk about top blood tests and biomarkers to look at inflammation, to look at blood sugar stability, to look at different factors that may be addressing your brain health. And I have got a good friend of mine who works for my company, and she is an expert, her name is Melissa Nohr. She is a board certified health practitioner, a certified bio individual nutrition coach. She’s worked with me as a health coach and writer for many years. She is an avid researcher, constantly working hard to learn as much as she can and she works with clients all over the world through a virtual consulting and really has an expertise when it comes to understanding labs, translating that into creating customized protocols to help people overcome chronic health conditions. And Melissa is a recode certified health coach as well, that she did this specific training with Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of The End of Alzheimer’s and she’s excited about that and she’s going to talk a little bit about that in this presentation. She’s also a SIBO, a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth mastery practitioner and she is a three by four genetics certified practitioner. 

So she’s got a lot of great training, I have known Melissa since she was actually a patient with me, I mean gosh, we’re talking over 10 years ago, you know, 10, 12 years ago and she has just been an avid learner learning all kinds of stuff when it comes to functional health and she knows more than 99.9% of the doctors and health coaches that are out there in the world. So she is awesome. She’s an expert. You guys are gonna love this interview. So let’s go right to it. Well, Melissa, it’s always great to talk with you and I know you recently did a training with Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of The End of Alzheimer’s and he has a great practitioner training that you went through. It’s called the Recode training. And so now you’re a recode certified health coach as well as you know, you’re also certified in genetics, three by four genetics SIBO, a number of other things. I know you’re a lifelong learner and you’re constantly looking at different programs that can help improve your skills and improve your ability to help help get people well. So what did you really get out of Dr. Bredesen’s training?

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