Toxic Buildup: The Anti-Toxin Checklist for Reducing Cancer For You and Your Family

Ryan Sternagel


  • The major toxins we all need to get out of our lives to reduce cancer risk
  • How Ryan and Teddy helped their son reverse cancer using an integrative approach
  • Why we need to look at all the areas of our lives to remove toxins from our lives
  • The most important toxins in your home to remove
  • The top steps to take to get the toxins out of your life
Nathan Crane 

Hey everybody. Welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0. I’m Nathan Crane. I’m the award-winning director of “Cancer; The Integrated Perspective”, as well as the director of “The Health and Healing Club”, which I encourage you to take a look at that,, at some point after this interview. But today I’m really excited to be bringing you a dear friend and colleague to talk about really toxic buildup, the carcinogenic checklist, we all need to know, and start checking off in our lives. So really reducing cancer risk for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our families. And that’s Ryan Sternagel. 

Ryan is the founder along with his wife, Teddy, of The Stern Method, which is a platform that informs and inspires really everybody going through cancer to succeed on all fronts. If you don’t know their story, or at least part of it, back in 2014, their son, Ryder, was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, which is a childhood cancer of the nervous system 11 days before his first birthday. We actually did an interview for our first Global Cancer Symposium that was like an hour where we just talked all about that journey and what they went through and the treatments and everything. We’re gonna talk a little bit about that today. So you’ll get some of a recap of that, but what we’re really going to cover much more in depth today is, those hidden toxins, those carcinogens that are in our lives that you may not even be aware of that you’re still ingesting into your body every single day. 

So some of the main ones you do know of, some others maybe you don’t know of, and certainly even the ones you do know of help you find a way to get them out of your life, because if we don’t get those toxins out of our lives, out of ourselves, we are not going to be able to really support our bodies in a function to help remove cancer cells from our body. We’ve got to get the toxins out first. So, and then we’re also going to share some really practical steps with you of how to make your body more inhospitable to cancer. So I want to continue reading Ryan’s bio here and then we’ll bring him in. During that journey with their son, the Sternagels consulted countless doctors and health experts of all disciplines to employ an integrative approach to help Ryder heal. Ryan also hosts the anti-cancer revolution, you’ve probably heard of, and the great work of healing podcast to share these strategies with everybodywho needs them. 

And in 2018, Ryan and Teddy created “The Toxic Home Transformation”, which was an online event that showed over 100,000 families how to rid their homes of all physical and energetic environmental toxicity. Ryan also hosted The Anti-Cancer Revolution online conference in 2019 and 2020, which featured the country’s most preeminent integrative cancer doctors and showed almost 200,000 families how to take an integrative approach to cancer. There’s a creators of going integrative which is a step-by-step course for cancer patients and parents. And Ryan and Teddy continue to ensure that Ryder and his little sister, Channing, thrive for the rest of their lives. And they also share how they do it through all the great work they do. 

I encourage you to go to their website right now and certainly after this interview as well, which is They’ve got a great ebook there. You can download for free, called the “Ultimate Healthy Home Checklist”. But I do encourage you to take notes during this interviews, we’re going to cover a lot of information and really practical tools you can do to detox your life and help you reduce your cancer risk, and ultimately help your body do what it was designed to do which is to regenerate, rejuvenate, and thrive. So, Ryan, brother, thank you so much for being back here with us, man. 

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