Traditional Chinese Medicine: Holistic and Scientific Tactics For Brain and Mental Resilience

LeTa Jussila, DAOM


  • Learn how Chinese Medicine views the brain, its function, and which imbalances cause brain disorders.
  • Discover the organs that are associated with the Brain and some practical self-care tools.
  • Hear about which Chinese Medicinal herbs that could benefit your brain for memory and cognition.
  • See which acupressure points you can practice stimulating your brain.
Cheng Ruan, MD

Well improving brain function has a lot of roots in traditional Chinese medicine and the concept of healing is really rooted in this overall concept of philosophy that things should really be balanced. So I’m proud to introduce Dr. LeTa. She’s a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine and a national wonders expert and she helps individuals achieve and maintain their health goals really efficiently but also with proper support and guidance. And one of the things about Dr. LeTa is that she’s so scientific and evidence based from a Chinese medicine background and I think she’s so powerful to talk about how the brain can heal with philosophies from traditional Chinese medicine. Really proud to introduce Dr. LeTa. Well welcome to the summit, I’m so happy for you to join us,

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