Transforming The Survival Paradox To Create Space For Detox And Regeneration

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc


  • Recap of the “Survival Paradox Protein” and its role in health, disease, and regeneration
  • Refining the dance of inflammation: balancing the body’s inflammation responses for health and healing
  • The importance of creating space for detox, regeneration and unlimited healing
Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Well Dr. Isaac Eliaz I’m so excited to have you on this segment of a Regenerative Medicine Summit, you are a leading expert in the field of integrative medicine, you’re specializing in cancer, detoxification, immunity and complex conditions, respected physician researcher bestselling author. I have your book at home, I love it, educator and mind body practitioner your Dr. Eliaz is your partner were leading research institutes including Harvard, National Institute of Health. You know that you’re running research studies now on you know some of the amazing things that we’re going to talk about Colombia and and a lot of others and you coauthored studies on integrative therapies for cancer. Have a metal toxicity and a lot of other things. You’re the founder medical director of the Amitabha and Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa California. We have pioneered the use of therapeutic apheresis as an adjunct blood filtration treatment for detox and chronic degenerative condition. I’m so excited to continue our discussion with that that we started started the day before.

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Transforming The Survival Paradox To Create Space For Detox And Regeneration

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