Dr. Schaffner’s Unique Approach to Treating Mold-Related Illness

Kiran Krishnan


Eric Gordon, M.D. 

Hello. Welcome to another episode of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness. Today is just kind of a pleasure and exciting moment. Here we’re gonna get a chance to meet Dr. Christine Schaffner. A physician who has really done a lot to help get the messages out to people of what it means to heal and just using a lot of different modalities. I think that’s one thing that I really appreciate is doctors like Dr. Schaffner who realize that this is not a one size fix all kinds of problems that we’re dealing with. When we’re dealing with chronic illness, it’s about the individual. And from her work, you’ll see that she really understands that. And what we’re gonna hear today is how she looks at the patients, at you, and what we can do to try to help give you some new tools. So welcome, Christine. A pleasure.

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Dr. Schaffner’s Unique Approach to Treating Mold-Related Illness

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