Fasting 101: The Truth About Fasting and Cancer

Daniel Pompa, DC



Join Dr. Daniel Pompa, DC as he talks in-depth about removing the cause of toxicity inflammation and also the multi-therapeutic approach to health and healing.

  • How it’s possible that fasting can decrease cancer risk by 95%.
  • The different forms of fasting that lead to cellular regeneration.
  • The different lengths of fasting that are needed for max autophagy and healing.
  • The brilliance of water fasting and how it leads to healing.
  • The major benefits of fasting for people dealing with cancer.
Nathan Crane 

Hey it’s Nathan Crane, Director of the Health and Healing Club and Host of the Conquering Cancer Summit and today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. Dr. Daniel Pompa is a respected leader in the health and wellness space, educating practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation driven disease, which we know cancer is absolutely an inflammation driven disease. He’s an expert in fasting and sexual-based health approaches, cellular healing and detoxification. Although he was trained as a chiropractor his authority is rooted in his own battle having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning using his own unique cellular detoxification strategies which we’ll talk about as well. He’s a relentless self-experimenter. 

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