Tuning Your Electric Body

Eileen McKusick


  • We are electric beings. When our electrical grid system is balanced we are healthy and happy, however when we are out of balance in our biofield it can cause a disruption in our physitcal, emotional and spiritual health and wellness
  • Tuning forks offer a simple, effective solution to rebalancing our electrical system which results in our electric bodies leading us to health and happiness
Jana Danielson

Alright everyone, welcome back to the virtual stage and the Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana Danielson, I will be your host for today’s what I know is going to be an amazing interview with the one and only Eileen Day McKusick, I’m so excited to have you here. Eileen. Let me tell you a little bit about her before I turn the microphone over. So she is a pioneer in the field of the human bio field, therapeutic sound and electric health and for years, decades has really been researching how sound impacts our health. She happens to be best selling author of two new books that I have here with me. So electric body, electric health and tuning the human bio field. And as I said to her off camera before we started, she’s doesn’t know this, but she’s become my latest health and wellness, really healthy obsession. Sound therapy and sound healing is something that I really, you know as a movement expert, public floor expert. I really didn’t explore until I was looking into this whole concept of the medicine of mindset and now I’m diving in with both feet so thank you so much for being here today. Eileen, why don’t we start things off just by, you know, tell us a little bit every I feel like everyone in the health and wellness, you know, world has some sort of a why and how they came to be a part of, you know or become an expert in this area. Why don’t you start by sharing that with us.

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