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Uncover The Supplements That Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar

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  • Learn about the link between congestive heart failure and prediabetes
  • Discover the benefits of a tailored supplement bundle for blood sugar management
  • Understand the natural ways to combat blood sugar challenges
  • This video is part of the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit
Beverly Yates, ND

All right. Let me share a story with you about Nadi R. a patient of mine, a long-term patient that made wonderful progress in taking charge of her pre-diabetes and reversing it. Now, she originally had thought care for her congestive heart failure, which is a kind of cardiovascular disease. And at the time that we started working together, her healthcare goals, this was about 20 years ago. Her heart function was rapidly declining and it was approaching the level where a heart transplant would be a last-ditch treatment option. She really wanted to avoid that, if at all possible. Of course, that’s totally understandable to have for a goal right? She also was a person who typically did not respond well to prescription medications, which was another, for her complicating factor. It didn’t give her a lot of treatment options here. And she had a tendency to get the side effects of prescription meds instead of the benefits of these prescription medications. Her left ventricular ejection fraction is also known as LVEF. Which is the gold standard of what’s assessed when you have congestive heart failure. It was assessed with the use of a diagnostic imaging tool specifically called a strength echocardiogram. We’re looking at the heart functionally under stress, under pressure to see what’s going on with the blood flow and you measure how much blood is leaving that left ventricle of the heart. 

So this provides a tangible starting point to note her response. So that way the cardiologist could assess it and I could too see where we were, starting with her treatment plan. So her LVEF was 18% when we started working on her health, that’s low. That means 82% of the blood that was coming into her heart wasn’t going back out with fresh oxygen. That’s really fatiguing and tiring and serious stuff. So to her delight, her LVEF climbed to greater than 55% in response to a treatment plan that I gave her over the course of about a year. This was an amazing, wonderful, remarkable turnaround. I’m so happy for her. This was excellent news. 

Then several years ago, she returned to the clinic for further care for a different health issue. This time she had pre-diabetes with an A1c that was moving between 5.7 to 5.8. Now, because of the unfortunate crossover effects of chronic inflammation between heart disease and diabetes, it is imperative that she would get her blood sugar under control and that it not get any worse. I’m going to say that again because of the crossover effects, the multiplying effects, if you want to think about it like that, of having both heart disease and any kind of diabetes, you absolutely, positively want to get a hold of that blood sugar because you don’t want the inflammation issues from both of those problems to start to interact because it will really accelerate illness and interfere with the return to health.

So it was imperative that her blood sugar not get any worse. Otherwise, she risked rapid serious health decline because of that potential interaction of heart disease combined with pre-diabetes. It would make her much more vulnerable to things like heart attacks, strokes, and other serious complications. Of course, she wanted to avoid all of that, so she didn’t want to happen that way for her. And by now, she was retired and eager to have a healthy, active life with time for herself, her family, and her grandchildren. She didn’t want that snatched away from her. She was so close to the prize that she had worked years to attain. So immediately got to work on her blood sugar situation. So these are the five steps of the protocol to establish and sustain healthy blood sugar levels and heal from the damage of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. Then nutrition, meal timing, stress, sleep along with exercise, and strength training. So finally, the steps that mattered most were nutrition, stress, and exercise. I prescribed supplements, including a specific blood sugar supplement bundle, to provide her with the nutrients that she needed for added protection while she made the lifestyle changes. There were some stops and starts along the way as she adjusted what she was eating. For many people, that can be a challenge, but it’s certainly something we can all do. Eventually, over the course of a year, her A1c went from 5.8 to 5.7, and then eventually her A1c went to 5.5. She’s thrilled, just delighted about that. So now she’s had success in triumphing over two chronic illnesses that could be serious, either one in its own right, congestive heart failure, a type of heart disease, and pre-diabetes. So now she’s on track for a healthy, active, energetic life and freedom from the long-term complications and consequences of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. I’m so glad that you’re here at the summit. I’m delighted you joined us for this journey. I hope you find encouragement, inspiration, and insights that can help you on your health journey. Please enjoy the rest of the summit. I’m glad you’re here. Take great care of yourself. Thank you.


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