Understanding the 3 Phases of Lyme

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We often hear about acute Lyme and chronic Lyme. Dr. Conners believes there are 3 phases of Lyme disease:

  • Phase 1 is described the infectious organism as is still in the blood stream or interstitial spaces and can usually be killed through
    the use of an antibiotic or natural product of choice.
  • Phase 2 – As soon as one tiny bacterium migrates inside a cell (goes intracellular), the patient has moved to the Chronic Phase
    (Phase 2) and antibiotics, unless long-term, are not very effective. Lab tests to detect Lyme are now going to prove difficult as
    well. In this phase, herbal-type protocols may be appropriate.
  • Phase 3 – Once the patient’s immune system (Th2/B-cells) start creating antibodies to self-tissue, the patient has moved into the
    autoimmune phase (Phase 3). Natural immune stimulants such as Cats Claw, Echinacea, Garlic, and Vitamin C will simply assist
    the body to kill self-tissue and should be completely restricted!
Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Everybody welcome back to another amazing interview. And today we have the guests of guests. It’s someone that I’ve known for many years. We’ve stayed loosely in contact, and we have relationships that have drawn us back together over time. But the work that he’s doing is incredible and timeless, he’s really a pioneer, one of the early guys out there in the Lyme area and also in cancer research and cancer development with both original protocols, original ways to look at things. Dr. Kevin Conners, welcome to the Healing from Lyme Summit Naturally and other Chronic Ailments. Thank you for joining us today.

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Understanding the 3 Phases of Lyme

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