Unlocking The Connections In The Body/Mind Using Acu-Light Therapies

Rosemary Bourne


  • This session features Peter Mandel’s Esogetic Method, the key concepts in the system which have affected our understanding of working with the Body/Mind and our subconscious thoughts and feelings that we often have so awareness of
  • If the Esogenic Method is new to you, you will get clarity and instructions on some of the ways people can use Esogetics at home for self healing
Jana Danielson

Well, welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana Danielson. I’ll be your host for this latest episode here for our week long experience with tapping into the understanding that we do have so much power within when we draw on the just amazing power of mindset. So my expert with me today is Rosemary Bourne. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about her and we had just a wonderful chat. This is the first time that we’re meeting and you know what I can tell this is gonna be a good chat. It’s just how quickly we hit it off just five minutes ago. So you’re gonna really fall in love with this lady. She began began her joy in alternative medicine in 1980 she studied shiatsu and macrobiotics and then she received a lot of degrees and you’ll be able to tell how highly educated this woman is in these amazing areas, She got her degree in acupuncture and Chinese, herbalism and then her doctorate in oriental medicine, she was introduced to s a genetics, the actual IT system created by German natural path peter Mandel and we’re gonna dive into this in a moment and today we get to learn from her and you know, here’s just how funny this all works out. I was actually doing another interview for this summit and the speaker was telling me all about this amazing, you know, energy work and color puncture. And I was like, what? What is this? Right? And so we got connected with Rosemary and here she is magically on your screen today. So Rosemary, thank you so much for being here.

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Unlocking The Connections In The Body/Mind Using Acu-Light Therapies

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