Unlocking Your Gut Health: The BioPure Difference

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  • Learn about the unmatched quality and results of BioPure products in supporting gut health
  • Understand the unique benefits of BioPure’s diverse product range, from herbal teas to suppositories
  • Gather insights on real-life success stories and the transformative impact of BioPure on chronic gut conditions
  • This video is part of the Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions Summit
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Hi, I’m Sinclair Kennally, host of the “Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions Summit”. And today I’m here to talk to you about BioPure. So as a detox expert, but also as someone who has suffered myself, from chronic illness for years and honestly, decades, I spent a lot of time vetting wellness strategies for my clients, and BioPure is one of the few companies that I rely on daily. I recommend BioPure products over and over again for just two primary reasons quality, and results. So first, let’s talk about quality because not only BioPure tests their ingredients for potency, and yes, they meet industry standards for purity, but they also ensure that each product maintains rigorous manufacturing set standards to ensure it’s the best it can be. But beyond that, what I have found is that there may be other products on the market that, you know, in my clinical experience, you know, they have similar names, they say that they have similar results. But honestly, BioPure is so much more careful about their sourcing and protecting the potency of their formulas that there is usually no contest. So just a little, just a little tip. 

And this is really important to me because I work with sensitive clients who struggle with GI issues that need extra support. And I love knowing that BioPure products help support my client’s needs without worrying about hidden concerns that can slow them down or upset their gentle systems. You know, this is really important when you’re dealing with people with chronic conditions and serious chronic issues. So like these for us, you know what we focus on in our practice and in our courses are people coming to us for a course digestive issues more than mycotoxins exposures, liver and detox, pathway dysfunction, sleep disturbances, and yes, changes in cognitive function that always come along with those chronic conditions. So the good news is BioPure has a vast collection of products that I use to address these concerns. One of them is Livessence, and I really like this formula because it’s a combination of like potent herbal extracts that support liver function and help address microbial imbalances. This formula can be used as a digestive bitter to stimulate bile production before eating. And also just as a foundational wellness solution for long-term daily use. It really helps when your liver is on the back foot and your system has been overloaded and stagnant for quite some time to bring in something this high quality and this fine-tuned and ease it into your protocol. I also really love Cistus Tea, and I actually see this as an indispensable tool in my gut health repertoire. This well-crafted tea has a long history of supporting immune function and has the added benefit of addressing biofilms. Drinking 2 to 3 cups daily provides the phytonutrients necessary to keep your microbiome humming. This one is very important, actually, to get just directly from BioPure. I don’t trust any other source for Cistus Tea because they’re the only ones I’ve seen that really protect that wild crowd-sourcing. So you actually get the potency. And one of my favorite tips about Cistus Tea is to actually brew this up to three times the same leaves. You can get a glass teapot with a little stainless steel strainer in the middle and brew the same leaves three times and drink that throughout the day and additional nutrient benefits will release with each brewing. So it’s pretty cool. It’s a very gentle taste as well, very calming while being super potent. Another really exciting option that BioPure offers is suppositories. And I know as a self-proclaimed wuss when it comes to my own healing and self-care, you know, I was always a little wary of things like suppositories. And this may not be your first choice, but honestly, suppositories, when you’re dealing with chronic gut conditions, can be a lifesaver and a game changer because you can have dysregulated digestion and have real difficulty getting certain herbs and potent formulas in from the top end that your body can actually receive very easily and still maintain all even more potency than you would if you digested them orally. If you take them in rectally and that’s where suppositories come in, they’re very easy to deliver. It’s just a quick, you know, just basically the size of a large pill with just one finger. It’s very simple. 

And honestly, this can be like a way to get through when you have plateaued. And they have so many good formulas at BioPure, one of my favorites is Green Coffee Extract because that actually has the same effects of a coffee enema. And it’s made with just two certified organic ingredients cocoa butter and green coffee extract, no fillers, and nothing artificial, which is why it is so great. Another option is Nexus, which contains garlic and artemisinin two powerhouses for addressing microbial imbalances. And I also love Idalia for a similar reason. And I’ll tell you about Idalia in a second, though I also suggest Bravo, which contains probiotics for individuals struggling to rebuild beneficial flora with oral probiotic supplementation. So one of my favorite things that BioPure provides is actually a Bravo suppository of all of these really magnificent strains put together that you don’t see elsewhere in the space. 

So we had one client who had really persistent, pretty scary digestive conditions, honestly, to the point where she would take a sip of water and she would excrete blood and mucus. It was that bad. So her digestion was very dysregulated, and one of the core products we used to help her heal was these Bravo suppositories to rebuild her gut from the ground up, from the bottom up, literally. And today she’s thriving and she can eat whatever she wants, which is just been a game changer for her and her family. Let’s see, what else do I want you to know? There’s something. Oh, yeah, Idalia. So Idalia is this amazing suppository from Bravo, that can be a way to cycle through antiparasitic support when you’re really stuck in a parasite issue where you just can’t break through. You have plateaued in your health and you’ve tried other antiparasitic and you’ve been working at this for a while and you’re like, Why can’t I just break through this and see some results? How come I can get my energy back? But can’t my gut move a little further on this issue? Idalia is a great thing to cycle through. Doesn’t even have to be long-term just to support your body and empower it with the right information it needs at the right time. And again, yes, from the bottom up, we’ve had many success stories with that one guy comes to mind. We inherited him. He was a Lyme patient out of the hospital and he actually came to us for digestive issues and liver congestion and he was severely underweight and all the antiparasitics that he was trying with his functional doctors and all his specialists were simply too harsh for him. And one of the things we cycled through was Cistus Tea and then as well as Idalia when the time was right and these were game-changers for him. So I hope that you take the time to learn more about their products. This is really an opportunity to just consider a new lineup of tools from people who have really dedicated their lives to really quality sourcing, being very careful about their formulas so that you’re only getting the best. So enjoy it and go check out BioPure.

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