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Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, it’s Robby Besner, and I’m back with another episode of the healthy hotline. And today I have- And this is part of our Lyme series. And today I have an extraordinary guest to speak with us. Darin Olien is, I mean, when I read part of his information, his bio, I mean, first off, we’ve been friends and we’ve known each other for many years now. He has an amazing Netflix series called, “Down to Earth,” that he’s doing with Zac Efron. And he travels all over the world. He’s already done a bunch of episodes. If you guys haven’t seen it, you need to see it. It’s super inspiring. And plus, you get to travel and see places that you may never see, like really see. Like down, like they get into the trenches. 

It’s amazing. In a way that, you know, you might really, really love and experience and embrace. He wrote a cool book called, “Super Life,” and it’s a must read. It gives you the basics. He has developed and found a super food, which is really kind of part of his- I want to say his DNA is discovering, and searching the Earth for the best kinds of nutrition and ways to help yourself. And it’s actually, it’s by far my favorite, by far my favorite nut. I mean, I’m a nut nut, and I threw everything out as soon as I met Darin, and he was nice enough to give us a couple of packages that day. 

I started eating ’em, and that was it. Soon as I got home, emptied the cupboard, threw all of my other nuts selections out, and this is the go-to. I mean, he has it in various different variations, and also he makes nut butter, and all this kind of stuff out of it, best nut on the planet. He has a 121 tribe app that you can sign up for, and he kind of walks you through living a healthy lifestyle. He’s got a podcast that’s renowned. I don’t know, man. I don’t know how a young man of your- or a person of your age, can have accomplished as much as you have in such a short period of time on Earth camp, I call it. 

So Darin, unpack for the audience a little bit, give us a little backdrop, and then kind of walk us forward to the things that you’re focusing on these days. And then, we’ll just talk about sort of optimal health, because I think that that’s a- you can speak volumes to that. And I think people out there listening, you know, want to know some simple tips of things that they can actually kind of utilize tomorrow, that might make a big change as they move forward in their own health journeys. So- Give us the little- give us the stuff, you know?

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